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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

115 Ocean - A Perfect Example Of Slumlord Cruelty

pic by Reuven Blau, NY Daily News
Below in itals is the story from today's Daily News by Reuven Blau about the sick joke of a building at 115 Ocean. Thanks Reuven! Btw, the scumbag landlord also owns 55 Winthrop Street. What do y'all know about THAT building?

Got two words buddy - for shame! And if he now decides to rent to only the "right sorts" tenants and kick out the longtime stabilized renters, don't be one bit surprised. The well-worn scheme is to focus on recent grads who don't mind a bit of squalor for (what for them is) cheap rent. Then the landlord fixes the place up just enough til they can get out of stabilization all together. We've got to create some sort of task force to take this problem on. Head on.

Toilets without water, flooding ceilings, leaky radiators and a front vestibule door that never closes top the list of complaints at Brooklyn’s worst apartment buildings.

The city has named 115 Ocean Ave. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens the borough’s most problematic slum building and has targeted the six-story apartment complex for repairs.

Situated across the street from Prospect Park, the complex boasts an astounding 444 open violations for everything from peeling lead paint, roaches and mold to broken sewer pipes and a wide open front door, city records show.

“The landlord just doesn’t care,” said Molubah Kollie, 30, a resident at the building his whole life. “When they come to fix something one month later it’s broken again.” That includes the toilet of one tenant who was forced to fill it with water from his tub for close to a year. “There are plenty of problems here,” said another resident who declined to give his name.

Last Tuesday, the building, owned by Lincoln Prospect Associates, was one of the 187 apartment complexes placed in a city program that tackles the most heinous slums in the city, including a whopping 103 in Brooklyn.
The Alternative Enforcement Program, created by the City Council in 2007, allows the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to complete emergency work and bill deadbeat landlords for the repairs.
The city has already shelled out $7,904 to cover emergency repairs at 115 Ocean Ave. since 2001, records show. Just $326 of that has been paid, according to online records.

Tenants say they frequently spot loiterers smoking pot and hanging out in the building’s vast entrance and hallways. “The door breaks two times a week,” said Jean Pierre, 18, another resident in the building. The building’s owner did not return calls for comment.

Besides 115 Ocean Ave., officials sited 84 Lawrence Avenue, 1059 Union Street, 55 Winthrop Street and 2 Stoddard Place as nearly as shoddy. Each had in excess of 300 violations. Citywide, the new list of the worst of the bunch includes 55 buildings in The Bronx, 19 in Manhattan and 10 Queens. “A severely distressed building puts the well-being of its tenants at risk and can act as a catalyst for destabilization with a community, and we are resolute in ensuring that does not happen,” said HPD commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas.


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Bob Marvin said...

"thuggy residents:? It seems to me like it's the landlord who's the thug.