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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lend a Farming Family a Hand?

You may know that, come spring, your neighbors are working on bringing a farmer's market to Parkside Plaza, aka the Q station at Parkside and Ocean. The farming family who works with the nonprofit that is coordinating the market needs help, tho. While they are currently serving Brooklyn families at the Brower Park and Metz Park markets in Crown Heights, the Hildebrants haven't been able to fully plant their 45 acres since the death of "Farmer Roy" Hildebrant. They have started a fundraiser to buy seed, plant, and pay off liens incurred from Roy's illness.

The amount may look huge, but unlike with Kickstarter, fundraisers disburse your pledges immediately. So even the smallest amount will help Michelle Hildebrant, her kids, and their farm. And, eventually, us in PLG too!

Click here to give: You

Below's a vid of Farmer Roy turning on folk to the joys of tomatoes at the Crown Heights Farmer's Market:

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