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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And the Bloodbath Continues

Finally, a decent story in the Times about landlords and their lust for profits over human decency. And the law.

NY Times
“Our only sin is to have lived here for a long time,” said Carlos Calero, 52, a supervisor at a recycling company who pays $706 a month for the two-bedroom apartment he shares with his wife, two children and two young grandchildren.
Yep. That's the apartment.


Anonymous said...

Criminals! Throw the book at them. De Blasio should be all over this.

Mary said...

I was just reading a similar article over at Gothamist:

This has been happening to friends of mine for years, yet only recently have we been inundated with such articles! Here's hoping that the recently launched Tenant Protection Unit will make a difference. I'm not holding my breath though.

diak said...

As horrible as it looks in the picture, perhaps the most incredible aspect of the story is that before an administrative court this slumlord claimed that the tenants vandalized their own property!! And the case was dismissed!!
Is there a circle a of hell low enough for this dirtbag?

diak said... case it causes confusion I should have written that the slumlord claimed the tenants damaged "their own apartment" -- not "their own property" because obviously as renters it isn't their property.
The slumlord's name is Joel Israel. If you believe in curses and hexes, by all means do your best!