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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Parkside Committee Needs You This Sunday

On our way, bit by bit
All are welcome. Even No_Slappz. Though I may have to start by giving him a few Yes_Slappz upside the face first.

The more the merrier. Winter is a great time to get involved in this ongoing grassroots revival of the beloved Q Plaza!

Dear Friends of Parkside,
This Sunday the Parkside Committee is hosting a big meeting to talk about what should come next for our plaza on Parkside.
  • WHEN:  Sunday, March 2, 5pm
  • WHERE:  Play Kids @ 676 Flatbush
  • WHO:  Everyone who loves the new trees; everyone who loves the old Q; everyone!

This plaza is everyone's plaza, and it will only succeed if everyone in the neighborhood has a say in how the plaza feels.  So please come out!  And Shelley from Play Kids tells me that the basement meeting room can get hot when there is a crowd ... so dress in layers.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Rudy, for the Parkside Committee

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