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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Neighborhood Association Gets New Leadership

PLGNA's been around since the '60s and has a great legacy of work done in the name of the community. In fact, the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association is, after all, where PLG got its name. Founder Bob Thomason is still kicking and can be heard firing up the crowd at local meetings. About five years ago the group rebooted after a bit of malfeasance-induced hiatus, and gradually it's begun to get its sea legs.

And tonight, the group elected a new President, in Quest Fanning. I've known Quest long enough to develop deep confidence in his intelligence and commitment to the needs of the neighborhood. Quest is a genuine and curious guy, funny and sincere. He's a lifelong resident of Ocean Avenue with a brief detour to Patio Gardens and is a recent new husband and dad; that is to say, he's putting down roots here in his own roots. I've seen him get downright passionate and even a little choked up when talking about the great strength and diversity of his neighborhood. Congrats Quest, and may you do great things.

But he's not alone. The smart-as-a-whip defense lawyer Joyce David will serve as secretary, and the delightful retired educator and Chester Court dweller Brenda Edwards takes the VP slot. Nelson Simon stays on as treasurer.

NYC is a town of neighborhoods, and every strong neighborhood has a strong association of blocks and committees addressing the various needs and constituencies among its residents. There is a long tradition in this town of organizing by 'hood, and developing community in order to have a voice in a massive City.

Here's to PLGNA, and to its new Board officers.


Bob Marvin said...

"Founder Bob Marvin is still kicking"

You got the wrong Bob Tim; Bob TOMISON was one of PLGNA's founders (along with Bernice Sealy, Joe Kolb, John Morison, and others who have since moved out of the neighborhood. I came late to the game, in 1974, and, while I was active in PLGNA in the '70s, was never on their board, although I did run twice in what used to be heavily contested elections.

FWIW I think Quest will make an excellent PLGNA president.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yes of course. The "Bobs" are always on my mind, and you are NOT the Bob that wants to do a musical based on the History of Man. I so love that idea of Mr. Thomasons...

Bob Marvin said...

Thanks Tim. Also, Unlike the great Bob T, a Baptist minister who never had a congregation, but whose mission has been to keep this neighborhood integrated, I've never been much good at firing up a crowd.

Mike Leiman said...

Glad to hear that PLGNA remains alive and active after all these years. I know a bit about its exceptional early history.

Bob Marvin said...

Indeed you do Mike; I remember when you were PLGNA's Community Organizer and then, IIRC, Executive Director, back when they had a staff and office.