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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Epic Scam

Some times you look into a place and the word "scam" hits the brain, you know? Epic Realty was next to Alotta on the Flabenue and dang if it didn't look like the LAST place I'd look for an apartment. And guess what? Check out the ever-dogged Nathan Tempey's latest tale of landlord woe:

Quadir Lewis, he of Epic Realty at 703 Flatbush
There he is folks. The guy who likes to take other people's money just as they finally feel they've found a place to live. It's one of NYC's great traditions - screwing innocent apartment hunters. Like stepping on dog poo or getting your bike nicked, it's a live and learn thing that shouldn't happen, but does, and then you get smarter. Unfortunately though, the scams get smarter too. Luckily, the dog poo DOESN'T get smarter. It's still just dog poo. Speaking of dog poo, is that dog poo on Quadir's shoes? From Nathan Tempey's piece:
Police arrested a Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn real estate broker over the weekend on charges that he scammed three would-be renters out of more than $5,000 by taking money from them for apartments they didn't end up renting, and refusing to return it. Quadir Lewis, marketing manager for the now-defunct firm Epic NYC Realty, allegedly bilked the three apartment seekers in separate instances between August of last year and March 7th. According to an announcement by the neighborhood's 71st police precinct, "Mr. Lewis would falsely promise an apartment to a person and would collect thousands of dollars from that person, knowing that there was no chance of renting said apartment."
From a Yelp reviewer (renter discretion advised):

 WARNING!!!!!!!!!…LUIS (718-288-7698 his current #) and the rest of Staff like to bait and switch. I reported them to Division of Licensing ,as should everyone else. He not only lied about move in dates, he charged me $650 for his services when I found the apartment. The Landlord only needed him to do a credit check and lease signing.  He kept asking me to pay my $1300 deposit in cash. I paid "EVERYTHING" in cashier's checks, which he looses just like every other review warns. To make matters worse he tries to convince the landlord, on 5 different occasions, to reject me so he can move his friends in. Little did he know me and the landlord are friends who planned out my move 4 months in advance. I confronted him nicely but instead he used harsh language and racism.  The whole transaction cost me $3,250 in less than two months. During the entire experience he refuses to give me receipts for our transactions. It should also be noted that he keeps taking bad reviews down (keep reposting). 


The Snob said...

Never trust a dude in a suit if he's wearing rubber soles.

Anonymous said...

A 1 star review of Epic Realty by Cassandra E.: