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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maple Street Community Garden Needs One Moment of Your Time!

Councilman Eugene Needs To Hear From YOU! It will literally help OPEN HIS EYES!
Your signature needed. And this time, it actually counts! If you already know the story of why the Maple Street Garden (tween Rogers and Nostrand) needs Councilman Eugene's help in securing funding, then all you need to do is sign the online petition and give his office a call  212-788-7352 to express support:


The story in a Q-wrapped nutshell:

Owner of a home dies more than a dozen years ago. A fire leads to the destruction of the building. Vacant lot lies fallow for a decade. No heirs come forward to claim the deed. Scam artists create fake deed and claim ownership in order to build apartment building. Tired of vacant lot, diverse group of neighbors come together to create community garden. Scammers come back and try to lock them out, aggressively. Lawsuit filed by the gardeners. Scammers fight back. Stand-off. Elected officials offer help. Plan hatched to create fund to pay heirs for land if they come forward - essentially an escrow. Councilman claims to want to help, but needs show of support from the neighborhood. Gardeners seek support. You come along and offer to help by signing petition and calling Councilman's office!

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