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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spitter Strikes Again?

The Spitter of Lefferts, or perhaps a copycat, took Blessings hostage this morning. After sloppily kissing a customer, he then attempted to spit on the cook.

What the hell? Cops were slow to respond, said patrons. A description, given by a solid witness, was such:

Age= 25-35
Skin color: Medium brown
No discernible accent
Full Beard (shaved down)
Height: 5''7 -6
Weight 185-200 LB
Wearing: solid blue hat & non descriptive dark clothes. 

Since I don't have a picture of the guy to share...

Here's a picture of the late '90s rock band from Memphis called Saliva:

Where are they now? Flatbush, perhaps?
If you're coming late to the spitter saga, here's some background from the NY Post.


Seth said...

Is it the same individual? The "spitter" was almost universally described as thin, tall and without a beard. Of course he could have gained weight, grown a beard etc...

Anonymous said...

The Flatbush Spitter must be stopped!!!!

Anonymous said...

The last spitter got off too easy with a firm talking to. Now it's the latest fad.

Anonymous said...

The spitter is for gentrification! He's on the side of developers! Someone alert MTOPP, he'll be off the streets in no time!