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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Like Clockwork, We Get New Precinct Commanders

The Q lives on a divided street. Not just rich-middle-poor, black-white. But right down the middle of the road is the line between 71st and 70th precincts. Two years ago, each precinct got a new top dog. And now, both have new commanders once again. What gives? Why all the turnover? I can only imagine this is part of a Bratton-led strategy. Don't get too comfy!

Norman Grandstaff (I'm sure he was never teased about that) of the
71st New Commander

The only picture I could find of the new guy at the 70th, James Palumbo, was ironically a picture next to former 71st Commander (from before Fitzgibbon) Jack Lewis, a sweet guy that the Q quite liked. Jack told me once that he used to run into the head of the 70th, then Eric Rodriguez, at the Supermarket and talk shop. This was on Staten Island, of course.

Retiring Jack Lewis and Incoming 70th Commander James Palumbo

70th New Commander

 And quite literally, figuratively, metaphorically and legally...The Beat Goes On.

If you're too young to remember the Sonny & Cher show, I suggest you click on that. It's hard to believe now. The Q never missed an episode. Sonny became a Republican congressman from California. Cher...well, she's Cher. The animation that leads the show is absolutely worth the price of your click.

Last thing...I actually think that the "yarl" favored by singers such as Eddie Veder and Creed and a million other bands came from a combination of Cher and Cat Stevens. Think about it. Just think about it...not too hard, mind you. Just think about it..


Anonymous said...

Hey Q, who does the best Chinese takeout in the area? Thanks!!

Quest said...

New Golden at 579 Flatbush SE corner or start of Midwood. Try the house special Won Ton soup.

Anonymous said...