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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blue Sky on Rogers

Adrian snapped this for the F-book
For those at Rogers and Sterling, Blue Sky Bakery muffins can add to your Pels Pies for at least an extra inch or two around the middle - by Christmas. I think it was Alice of the Brady's who said "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips."

No news of a gluten-free doughnut shop...yet.


Alex said...

Still waiting patiently for a GOOD restaurant to open in the neighborhood. We're getting close. Zurilee and Parkside are steps in the right direction but I'd love a solid bistro. Doesn't have to be too fancy.

Paul Galloway said...

I want a solid diner, but they're a disappearing breed in NY.


Piles of tasty muffins will help ease my sadness.

MikeF said...

This is a shameless promotion of Thursday's gathering of local internet posters:

...hope to see you there.

diak said...

Paul— Brooklyn hipsta-retro-cool leads me to believe it won't be long before some formerly "serious" chef opens a diner. Of course expect a simple cheese omelet to be $12.95, toast an upcharge, and "side" of home fries to be just this side of invisible. And if you want bacon, better visit the ATM first.
Do not expect to hear "More coffee, hon?"

Danny said...

diak, I wouldn't worry.

Even the hippest Brooklyn hipsters know that diners are sacred.

Also, why did Toomey's go out of business?

Liz said...

George's in Ditmas Park is a great diner not too far away.

TomL said...

Completely agree with Alex's point about a decent restaurant. Sadly, South Brooklyn history (I'm thinking of Gowanus) suggests you have to put up with endless new cafes and bakeries before someone delivers the goods with a proper restaurant.

Alex said...

I said to a friend this weekend that our neighborhood has yet to attract a restaurant for grownups.

Went to Blue Sky on Sunday morning and they were closed. What gives?

babs said...

I think Toomey's owners retired. I don't think they closed for lack of business (or sales of lottery tickets).

babs said...

I think Parkside attracts a pretty adult crowd, at least at the bar in the evenings. A nice, chill atmosphere.

Alex said...

The menu is not terribly adult, but Parkside is definitely a move in the right direction.