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Monday, June 27, 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen - The Parkline

626: A Cathedral to the Times
Gonna be hard for the Q to stop referring to it as 626. That's right - 626 Flatbush has a proper name. The Parkline. Though it will come as little surprise to you, the "non" affordable 80% of the building does not come cheap. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the mid-middle class kinda gets shafted right out of the fee structure. That is, until we all get that big raise the boss is always a day or two away from giving us. By my rough estimates, if you are single, you'll need to be making at least $80K just to "hardship it." If you're a four person family, you'll need twice that and take no vacations - or come fully funded from prior endeavors or trust fund. That is to say - welcome Lefferts - to NYC's Professionals Club. From their intro email:

Rentals are starting  
Studio $2123
1BR  $2584  
2BR  $3553
3BR  $4430
Please note these are Net effective prices after 1 month free rent on a 13 month Lease. 

Note the note. To the math-challenged, that means the rent is actually higher than printed. In other words, the word "free" really shouldn't be utilized. A teaser-year might be more accurate.


Scrumptiousmunches said...

Thats insanely expensive. How are they able to get away with charging manhattan prices!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Actually, those aren't Manhattan prices. Those are the new norm for Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn's new buildings. Check out the rents along 4th Ave for a comp.

Alex said...

Not terribly expensive, for better or for worse. I am just disappointed that it's not condos. While owners could rent them out I suppose, invested homeowners are better for communities.

Carmen said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. I think my pockets just cried a little bit.

Anji said...

Those prices are as high as that building omg

Anonymous said...

For reference, a 2BR 1 Bath in non-luxurious stuytown manhattan is $4200/mth, so this looks cheaper. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I wished they were condos. It would have made sense then to be paying a mortgage for that price, while maximizing equity for myself.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that price isn't out of wack with the market. It's on par with what you would expect compared to downtown Brooklyn, especially when you add in the amazing views of either city-scape or the park. I do share the sentiment that I wish it was condos, but that price might have been even more shocking to people.
It does raise questions of what can be expected from the building on Lincoln for rent, since it is "more in line" with what people expect from development in the area. I have a strong feeling the price tag still won't be, despite it's "10% below market rate" restriction.

Jacob said...

Check out how much Akelius is charging for newly renovated apts at 95 Linden blvd.

$2500 for a 1 bedroom at Linden and Bedford. Doesn't even have the amenities of the Parkline.

Brenda from Flatbush said...

And now every time we look up from Prospect Park we can know just what our insect overlords are paying for the privilege of looking down at us. How apt that they name it the "Parkline," since it will have the singular distinction of piercing the viewscape planned by Olmsted and Vaux to be an illusion of rural isolation.

Jacob said...

While it's true that you can see it from the park, this is neither the tallest, the largest, or the most dense building in the immediate vicinity of the park.
In terms of square footage on a given lot, 9 Prospect Park West is much more dense.
Is it the height that people object to?