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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One Way to Break the $1,000 Apt Barrier

Times are weird when brokers start quoting you prices BY THE BEDROOM, having assumed that you're more than happy to split the $3200 rent four ways. At first glance this listing on the List of Craig gave me a chuckle...til I realize that my niece would have JUMPED at this offer, she with her three roomates who ended up at a run-down walk-up in ACTUAL Bed-Stuy, as opposed to this listing which seems deeply confused (or tired from all the copy writing) about what neighborhood it's in.

Yes, jobs and optimism keep young folks coming to the City, furthering the pressure on you know what and you know where. Coming from college, though, a 2-bath duplex sounds darn hip and comfy, til the "couple" breaks up and that "quiet girl" gets hooked on meth and has her "boyfriend" "sleep over" "once in a while" as in every night and he eats the leftover "pizza" and pisses on the seat, or the pizza, you're not really "sure."

83 Winthrop for God's Sake - No Affordable Units, Natch

From the listing (is it Bed-Stuy or Lefferts? Who cares??!!!)

These newly renovated 4 Bedroom is amazing! Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, massive oversized windows, open concept living room and modern kitchen with stone countertops, dishwasher, stainless steel appliances, ample closet space, 1 and 1/2 baths, sunny windows throughout, spacious bedrooms, laundry in the building, outdoor space, back yard space, and CENTRAL AC!!! 
This building is conveniently located in prime Bed-Stuy 2 blocks from the Winthrop stop on the 2 & 5, and short walk to the Prospect Park stop on the B,Q, & S lines. Walking distance to Prospect Park and Local & Express Subway Stations. You don't want to miss an opportunity to live in one of the best up and coming neighborhoods! 
Again, this is a room share!!! An apartment room share, as such, the advertisement you are reading is for a room in this apartment. In order to qualify applicants must have spotless credit ratings, 670+, and healthy income of 40x rent. Guarantors are welcomed. Make this beautiful 4 bedroom 2 bathroom duplex your SANCTUARY in Prospect-Lefferts TODAY!!!


Bob Marvin said...

Is it legal for a broker, or landlord, to advertise and rent shares this way? Doesn't it make the building into an SRO, in violation of its C of O?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

If it's a 4 bedroom 2 bath I imagine it was made for either a family or roommates. The breaking it down for you into bedroom cost is relatively new to me...usually they let you do the math and any sneakiness on your own.

I find the whole "guarantor" thing to be just north of legal. As in, if you don't have mommy to back you up, you're SOL. Just another way that the entitled stay that way.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

When I moved to NY you brought first and last month's rent and a security deposit. 'Nuff said.

babs said...

NYC law says that every person on a lease has a right to have immediate family members living with him or her AND the right to one roommate, who may also bring immediate family members. You don't start getting into illegal #s of occupants (provided they are all from these groups) once you get into violating minimum square footage rules, which is generally 80 sf per person - of course you'd then need to take the people involved to court to evict them etc. which would be its own headache.

So theoretically, in a three bedroom apartment, with three people on the lease, you could have a total of six if each person had a roommate (plus any immediate family members). And they are all considered one "family" for purposes of the zoning or CofO.

However, if there's only one person on the lease, you can only have one roommate (plus immediate family), regardless of the number of bedrooms.

An SRO is a totally separate animal, one on which multiple people rent out individual rooms, typically sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities.

And reputable brokers wouldn't advertise apartment shares but there are a lot of not-so-reputable ones that do.

MikeF said...

MySpace has been using this model for years.

Bob Marvin said...

"An SRO is a totally separate animal, one on which multiple people rent out individual rooms, typically sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities".

Isn't that EXACTLY what's being advertised?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Thank you Bob. It quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and costs as much as a golden duck. The only difference is that one thinks of SROs as for homeless recovering addicts. These folks could very well be recovering addicts, but if so they will likely receive the support they need from the loving middle class parents. Question: is it considered "homeless" to HAVE to move back in with your parents? I can see how staying with your parents throughout, til you're 50, would be remaining part of the household, therefore not homeless. But if you HAVE to move back in because you tried and failed to support yourself, that would seem more like a well-stocked-fridge homeless shelter to me. Unless you're paying BELOW MARKET RATES, which would in fact qualify your household as AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

The White Shadow said...

Question: What's the difference between a homeless shelter and section 8/affordable housing which has no minimum rent amount if you are not working (or not working on the books!) ?

Answer: The metal detectors at the entrance.

(e.g. Salvation Army Men's Shelter, 681 Clarkson Av)

Curious32 said...

You know you've become a true New Yorker when you're more concerned about mislabeling the neighborhood than you are about the price of rent.

(But seriously, can't wait for the youngins who move in here to hear it from their neighbors. This ain't Kansas anymore and it CERTAINLY AIN'T BED-STUY!)