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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Rogers Avenue has some serious potential to surprise. From the Ink Well tavern, to Landmark Antiques & Restoration, to the Montessori School, to Dorsey's gallery, Toomey's Diner to Bow Wow and many, many more...I've decided to lend the Rogers Chamber of Commerce this tip:

Rogers Avenue - where Specialties are our Specialty

Catchy, huh? So let me hip you dog-lover cats and cat-lover dogs to the swankiest and perkiest one-stop-shop for all your grooming and boarding needs: Bow Wow Pet Boutique at 521 Rogers tween Midwood and Rutland. I met Georgia at the door and I will say without hyperbole that she is a-dor-a-ble. Friendly, big smile, loves her business and is clearly grateful to be doing what she's doing. Am I wrong to say that that's a HUGE plus when patronizing a business? Not everyone has to love their shop, but I don't even own a dog and I was DYING to give Georgia my business. I won't name names, but there are some places around here that I frequent and I'm not sure whether they want my money or not. Not part of a strong long-term business plan if you ask me.

Co-owner Georgia hails from Jamaica, though she grew up next to FDR in Hyde Park, NY. (Of course, Franklin Delano's been dead for some time, but his stately home is Hyde Park's claim to fame, Upstate as it is along the Hudson, and mentioning him in a post about Bow Wow is not particularly relevant, except that FDR sings "Tomorrow" with Annie in the musical of the same name and it's one of Little Miss Q's favorite songs, which if it were anyone else's kid would probably annoy the heck outa me, but somehow when it's YOUR little girl singing "the sun'll come out tomorrow" you get all weepy, because gosh darnit the sun WILL come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, and how'd we all get so cynical in the first place, and was it all Ronald Reagan's fault, who replaced the we're-all-in-it-togetherness of FDR with the rugged individualist cowboy nonsense that lives on at tea parties everywhere and threatens to drag us back into the Bushian mire this very fall? Now back to the post...). Georgia's business partner Tay is a pal from way back, and the two hatched a plan, aced their pet care license exams, found a storefront on Rogers and opened the shop about a year ago right here in NE Flatbush PLG. They wanted their place to be super-friendly, light and cheery and clean. They've managed all of the above, and they board the dogs themselves at their homes, so you're sure your dog is getting the boss's special touch. Feel free to chime in with a comment if you're a customer, and be sure to stop by and inquire about services and rates. Here's some pics from my visit; first up Georgia next to the doggie bathtub.

If I were a dog, and I haven't been for many years now, this is the place I'd want hind quarters vacuumed. Just tell them "the Q sent me" and enjoy the awkward paws...


Anonymous said...

Neat! Maybe I'll take my dog there for a bath.

Any news on the two smoothie places and fish and chips places opening on Flatbush near Maple/Lincoln?

babs said...

They also have a vet on-site ever so often - I know people who've had good experience there - checkout their website or Facebook page for schedules:


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME place to take your pet, the moment you walk in, you forget you're in a spa for animals, they're insanely clean, the place never has that "dog smell" and the staff is super friendly. Their groomer is super attentive. You definitely wanna give them a look up, when you're in the area.