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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brownstone Buddies - Be Free, Globally!

Many of you may already know the dolls "Brownstone Buddies." Some of you may know local PLG/Flatbush mom/entrepreneurs Janai Nelson and Crystal Granderson-Reid. Some of you may also know the locally-based micro-funding non-profit charity "Be Free Global," which is holding its 2nd annual fundraising gala this Thursday night. And some of you may even know that it all ties together, and that Janai and Crystal have woven a life-business-philanthropy quilt that seamlessly blends their interests, passions and skills. Not an easy thing to knit together if I do say so myself. The Q has for years tried to combine his love of pottery, Canadian football, Welsh proverbs and antique bottle collecting into a coherent whole. So I guess you can say "I get it" and hats off.

Check out those links and consider going on Thursday or donating. They've certainly latched onto a powerful way to make relatively modest donations have a huge impact. And take a look at their kooky BB kharakters below, followed by a sweet headshot of the two. Thumbs up and good luck. Ethan the Artisan's definitely my fave.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Janai and Crystal. Way to go!