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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Replace the Dead Trees.

If you've got dead trees on your block, now's the time to let the Q know. I've got Pearl Miles of CB9's attention on this, and they're planning fall plantings for street trees NOW. She got us those two trees replaced on Parkside next to the Popeye's planted last fall. And we've got the dead trees on Lincoln Road near the Park on the docket for this fall. Why not replace every darn dead tree in the district? Either leave a comment or email me at: The Q.
with the precise location of the tree, house address included.

One day, you too could have something like this in front of your house or apartment:



Rudy on Winthrop said...

There are two tree pits on Winthrop with trunks in need of removal, and where new trees would be much appreciated: one in front of 56 Winthrop, and one in front of 44 Winthrop.

Anonymous said...

There are three dead trees, planted by Million Trees NYC in 2011, in front of 45 Hawthorne Street. It'd be great to get them replaced.

Anonymous said...

Planting new trees is great but perhaps those who post about the dead trees could step up to water them as well!

The dead trees in front of Hawthorne are ultimately going to be replaced by more dead trees if they don't have sponsors.

Susan Lowes said...

There is a dead tree, planted in the last couple of years, in front of the big apartment building on Winthrop at the corner by Bedford (105 Winthrop).

citygreen said...

Anyone here knows the reason why trees died? Is it because of lack of water, soil erosion or something else? Please post your opinion so we can keep it alive for years.


Clarkson FlatBed said...

Brenda: I'm told by Brooklyn's Forestry division (there is one!) that it's primarily about water in their first five years. The contractors apparently guarantee the trees for two years. I'm about to post about a very exciting insect that's coming to town - disease can play a part too. A few that I just noticed while doing an inventory on Empire - look like they burned! Seriously. Maybe hot coals were placed against a dry tree?

But these are hearty varieties, and they're designed to thrive in tough conditions...and amazingly, most do. But drought is gonna kill even the mightiest...we have to do better taking care of our bark-covered friends.