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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crime Blotter

Thanks to Nicole Fabri for making talking with Vinny Martinos of the 71st Precinct and compiling a list of crimes for the PLG sector of the precinct (remember, just a portion of the overall stats). We really need to get one going for the NE 70th precinct as well. Anyone feel like reaching out to them? I know one of the guys is Dominick Scotto over there at 718-851-5556, and he seems quite decent and friendly. They're always telling us that the more the public knows about the types and patterns of crimes the better prepared we all are to help prevent them. Cell phone swipes continue to dominate.

On with the ghoulish facts...

Crime Report
March 1 - May 16, 2012
March 6th, 11:00PM. Lincoln & Bedford. Victim was attacked with beer bottle and
cell phone was taken.
March 9th, 1:40PM. 41 Hawthorne Street. Victim was punched and cell phone was
April 2nd, 6:40PM. 203 Parkside Avenue. Perp tried to remove two cases of
Redbull from bodega and got in fight with storeowner.
April 3rd, 10:00PM. 365 Rutland Rd. Money taken from victim and victim punched
in the face.
April 5th, 4:00PM. Bedford & Parkside. Cell phone snatched.
April 12th, 3:30PM. 1050 Nostrand Ave, commercial Store. Perp threw storeowner
to ground, attempted to remove items from store but then ran away.
April 13th, 4:30PM. 1123 Washington Ave. Chain was snatched from person's neck.
April 16th, 4:30PM. Rutland & New York. Cell phone snatched.
April 20th, 10AM. 640 Rogers (on school grounds). Two males, 15 and 17 yrs old,
arrested for removing $20 from a fellow student.
April 21st, 4PM. 601 Parkside Avenue. Cash was taken from victim in a strong arm
April 22nd, 10:30PM. 373 Sterling Street. Victim was struck in face with unknown
object, money and cell were removed.
May 7th, 2:00AM. 380 Midwood Street. Perp threatened victim verbally and victim
gave perp money: $450.
May 10th, 7PM. Winthrop & New York Ave. Female was punched in the face in the
attempt to take a cell phone. Perp was unsuccessful in taking phone.
May 22nd, 12:15AM. 387 Maple St. Ipad taken from victim.
April 25th, 1:00PM. 320 Empire Blvd. Victim was found in lobby with gunshot
wound to head. Believe that victim knew the perp.

Felony Assaults

March 3rd, 12:30AM. 151 Clarkson Ave. Perp came in through open window and out
the front door. Electronics stolen. Homeowner wasn't there.
March 12, 1:00PM. 150 Lefferts Ave. Perp broke in the door, took money and
March 16, midnight. 567 Flatbush Avenue, commercial location. Cut hole in rear
door, entered and removed electronics.
April 18th, 2:25AM. 303 Fennimore Street. Came in through rear door. Unknown
items were removed. Homeowner wasn't there. Two arrests were made.
April 20th, 6:35AM. 541 Rogers Ave, commercial store. Broke front window and
didn't take anything - perp was arrested. Male, 21 yrs old.
April 20, 6:00AM. 245 Hawthorne Street. Rear window broken, jewelry taken.
April 25th, 12:30AM. 245 Hawthorne Street. Came in through front door and
removed cell phone.
April 30, 2PM. 316 Rutland Rd. Side window kicked in. $200 cash taken.
May 3rd, 7:00AM. 75 Hawthorne Street. Side window of home was open, perp came in
and stole electronics.
May 9th, 8:45PM. 135 Clarkson Ave. Rear window broken. Electronics and cell
phone taken.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)
March 8th, 6:00PM. 1142 Nostrand Ave. Cellphone snatch. No physical force between victim and perp.
March 10, 1:00PM. 345 Lefferts Ave. Fraudulent check in the sum of $2450 deposited from victim's account and money was removed.
May 7th, 2:00PM. 246 Lincoln Rd. Identity theft with credit card.
March 7th, 7:30PM. 1332 Nostrand Ave. Cell phone taken.
March 25th, 10:00AM. Nostrand & Winthrop. Jewelry was taken.
April 5th, 7:40PM. Nostrand &Winthrop. Cell phone taken.
April 6th, 4:00PM, Parkside & Nostrand. Cell phone taken.
April 23, 12:15PM. 346 Rutland Rd. Rear window was broken and some items were taken.
April 12th, 12:00PM. 181 Hawthorne Street. Identity theft.
April 13th, 12:00PM. 392 Fennimore Street. Identity theft.
April 11th, midnight. 191 Hawthorne Street. Craigslist fraudulent bounced check.
March 7th, 8:30PM. Hawthorne & Flatbush. Cell phone snatched.
March 18th, 10:00PM. Flatbush & Empire. Cell phone snatched.
March 18th, 7:30PM. Rutland & Flatbush. Cell phone snatched.
March 22nd, 4:30PM. 25 Lefferts Avenue. Broke into a car, took book bag containing credit cards and electronics.
March 15th, 1:40PM. 72 Midwood Street. Identify theft.
March 29th, 7:00PM. Fennimore & Flatbush. Cell phone snatch.
March 25th, midnight. 2101 Beekman Ave. Identity theft.
March 1st, 9:00PM. 28 Sterling St. Identity theft.
April 15th, 1:30PM. Lincoln Rd & Flatbush. Cell phone snatch.
April 18th 3:00PM. Ocean & Parkside Ave. Cell phone snatch.
April 19th, 10:00PM. 579 Flatbush Ave. Cell phone snatch.
April 10, 7:00AM. 25 Lefferts Ave. Identity theft.
April 27th, 7:30PM. Parkside & Flatbush. Cell phone snatch.
May 2, 4:00PM. 231 Ocean Ave. Victim found credit cards missing from dresser in bedroom.

Grand Larceny Auto
March 2nd, 12:30AM. 399 Fennimore Street. 97 green Nissan stolen.
March 3rd, 3:00PM. 84 Midwood Street. 96 white Dodge stolen.
March 3rd, 6:00PM. 30 Midwood Street. 99 yellow Honda stolen.
March 19th, 2:00PM. 262 Maple Street. 05 silver Infinity stolen.
March 22nd, 6:25PM. 20 Maple Street. 2011 gray Nissan stolen.
March 23rd, 6:00PM. 418 Rogers Ave. 2011 red Honda stolen.
April 2nd, 9:30PM, Midwood & New York Ave, 95 red Nissan stolen.
May 10th, midnight. 1137 Nostrand Ave. 96 tan Nissan stolen.


March 13, 2:45PM. 271 Hawthorne Street. Male was shot in the head by unknown perp, expected to have full recovery.

March 28th,1:30 PM. 1153 Nostrand Ave. Perp came in and attempted to buy something. A dispute broke out between store owner and per. Perp threw bottle at storeowner. Arrest was made.
April 4th, 1:00AM. 1199 Nostrand Ave. Victim was hit by unknown object by unknown perp.
April 6th, 1:30AM. Bedford & Maple. Police was making a DWI arrest, driver  injured one of the officers making the arrest.

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