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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating Along the Q - Prospect Park Station

Glad to see the Daily News segment "Eating Along the Q" has finally pulled into the Prospect Park Station. After yours truly figured way too heavily in the last chapter, I was glad to just read and generally agree with the findings, though of course lots of joints were left out. Mentioned, as they MUST in any food story about the area, were the fantabulous "doubles" at De Hot Pot, and the one-of-a-kind vegan ice cream at Scoops (Tony Fongyit, Scoops' owner pictured below). The Q has indulged Scoops' soy-based icy sweets and can attest to their yum quotient, but it's his hot to-go food that really sparks the stars on the Yelp dot com. And speaking of the Yelp, check out the reviews for De Hot Pot. People LOVE this place, and if you haven't been, well, time's a wastin'.

Bryan Pace took the pic
The addresses for the aforementioned are attached to the links above. The Q is to hot to be bothered...will this global warming never cease? I mean, we gave up burning all that fossil fuel, right? Didn't we? We saw where this little ozone problem was going and we stepped back from the brink, right? Right? Whew. For a second there I had this terrible dream that we stood by and did nothing while the earth burned to a crisp. What a nightmare! Gotta go turn up that A/C, it's boiling in here...


Alex said...

De Hot Pot rocks. So does Scoops. As a mostly vegan person they are both great options. All of the workers and owners are good natured and welcoming.

ElizabethC said...

Scoops is amazing, and I love that I see Tony walk over there every day from his home. I always want to say "Good Morning, Mr. Scoops".

Anonymous said...

How much did you have to pay Tony to get him to smile?

danielle said...

I LOVE Scoops! And just went to De Hot Pot last night. So good!