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Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Q is playing around with the site a bit today to see if I can make guest posts happen on a regular basis. If you see posts pop up today, then disappear, that's why!

I'll be away, starting next Thursday, for a month. I'll be posting less frequently starting then, so I'm asking you, gentle reader, for thoughts and ideas for posts. And if you'd like to be a "guest blogger" by all means let me know and we'll discuss. Maybe you take lots of pictures and just want to share those? Maybe you have an issue near and dear to your heart you want to air in depth. Either way, just email me. There seems to be a healthy regular readership in the hundreds(!), and while I don't agree with the substance of all the comments, I'm super-glad that conversation is happening and I'd love to see it continue and grow. I'm especially heartened by the growing number of people who choose to comment with either their real names or a screen name. It is too easy to complain and criticize recklessly when you aren't taking ownership of your comments. I respect that you may want to conceal your real name, but if you use a screen name and comment regularly, we can at least get to know your voice and use your name when referring to things you've said. It makes it feel more like a community and less like a dumping ground. GOD KNOWS we don't need any more dumping grounds around here! Actually that's a great name for a coffee shop to sip and bitch: Dumping Grounds. Soon to open on Rogers Ave...?

cheers, theQ

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