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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Q In the News - Dining Near the Q

Yes, it's a bit embarrassing, but I coulda said no so I have no one but myself to blame. It's a clear indication that none of my friends read The Daily News that I haven't heard from a single soul about the piece they did on dining along the Q line. A reporter reached out to me for tips on what's best, presumably because I have this peculiar hobby. I really thought she'd ask more people than just me, so my apologies if I appear like I'm trying to be some authority on the issue. I mean, I'm a grilled cheese and french fries kinda guy, so you really shouldn't trust my opinion on food. Btw, I stuck to the assignment of food right near the Q at Parkside, so I stayed south of Hawthorne on my recommendations. I mentioned other places, too, in the interview, but they (wisely I think) stuck to what's truly unique. Here's the story in the news and the unflattering video:
Daily News Story.


Brenda from Flatbush said...

I saw it, nice job...will have to 'go East' and try some of the spots you mentioned!

Anonymous said...


Darcey said...

I live on Hawthorne Street between Bedford and Rodgers and while I am in Paris right now teaching, I am still reading the Q. I have to say I feel VERY luck to have you and your blog. Even from across the ocean our hood and its joys and problems are so compelling.

John said...

Just discovered this blog and I'm a Parkside resident, and I have been all my life. I would have never thought that Parkside (and PLG) would have it's own neighborhood blog. This is exciting! Though, like Williamsburg, and Astoria in Queens, Prospect Lefferts Gardens is changing. Noticeably, there are more Manhattanites moving in from District 2 (thanks to ridiculously high rent pricing). It's not a bad thing, though, because it creates more diversity (and that's not to say that PLG does not already have diversity). I'll be checking on this blog from now on (I mean that positively! haha) and I have set this blog as one of my favorites. You should put up fliers at the Parkside station and say "Hey, come check out our neighborhood blog at: etc" How exciting–The Q at Parkside!