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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple Sues iHOP for Trademark Infringement

Actually, that is not true. That is what we call, in the blog biz, a bait and switch.

What IS likely true, according to a sleuthful neighbor, is that the International House of Pancakes will open its newest location on Church Avenue where the much-missed Veggie Castle once reigned. For those too new to the neighborhood to remember the iconic Rasta Ital cooking joint that took over a White Castle many moons past, the owners chose to leave the sign and iconic look intact (see pic). Veggie Castle sadly closed a few years back, apparently priced out of its location.

So there is a slight tie-in with the headline gag, in that Apple MIGHT consider suing iHOP if they so much as lowercased the "i", while White Castle was apparently capable of recognizing that imitation is high flattery and can even burnish one's brand. OR, the slider-munchy-blind stoners at Corporate were simply too high to call their lawyers.

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