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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hot Crime In the Summertime - The Blotter

Thanks again to Nicole and Vinnie for keeping their quarterly-or-so date with just-the-facts, ma'am - for the PLG sector of the 71st anyway. Cell phone snatches remain a persistent threat; good as cash and easy to snag - one almost senses a cabal of sorts. The burglaries are pretty creepy too, but I'd remind everyone that we're tallying fairly decent numbers in all categories, according to the latest Compstat numbers. I'm particularly gratified to see that the number of felony assaults has dropped sharply...that was my biggest concern last year at this time. (but hey, we still have Labor Day Weekend, so who knows!)

One note in a separate email from the 71st on a groping incident where the jerk was nabbed. This from Vinny:

On Sunday Aug12, 2012 a sexual abuse/misconduct took place on Maple Street. The NYPD put out a photo of the perpetrator and on Tuesday the Precinct received an anonymous email stating a possible name and possible address. This email was of great importance and lead the arrest of the perpetrator. With the community help this crime was  quickly solved. I would like to personally thank the person who took time and anonymously emailed the Precinct with the information. Be safe everyone.

PLG Area Crime Report
May 17 - August 16, 2012


May 19th, 10:30AM. Flatbush & Ocean. In train station, iphone forcibly removed from female's hand.

May 23rd, 6:30PM. Bedford & Midwood. Perp forcibly went through 14 yr old male'spocket and removed cell phone.

May 25th, 7PM. In front of 20 Maple. Perp grabbed cell phone from 21 yr old female's hand.

June 6th, Midnight. 570 Rogers Ave. Commercial establishment (a nail salon) was robbed of $200 in cash at gunpoint.

June 8th, 6AM. Ocean & Parkside, subway station. Perp punched victim and removed money from his pants. The perp was arrested, male 41 yrs old.

June 16th, midnight. Sterling & Nostrand. Perp forcibly removed cell from victim.

June 18th, 10AM. 248 Winthrop St. Male victim was punched in face and cell phone taken.

June 18th 7:30PM. Rogers and Winthrop.
 Perp attempted to take cellphone from 13yr old boy but failed.

July 6th, 11PM. 332 Rutland Rd. Male victim was punched and cell was taken.

July 9th, 3PM. 590 Flatbush Ave. Victim was robbed at gunpoint. Perp took phone and money.

July 10th, 6PM. 49 Maple St. Victim robbed at gunpoint, cash was taken.

July 18th, 3PM. Sterling & Nostrand. Perp forcibly removed victim's jewelry.

July 26th, 5AM. Clarkson & Flatbush. Perp forcibly removed money and cell phone from victim.

July 26th, 1PM. Bedford & Parkside. Perp forcibly went through victim's pocket and removed $20 and Apple Ipod. The perp was approximately 16, the victim was 13 yrs old.

August 6th, 3AM. Maple & Nostrand. Victim robbed at gunpoint, perp took $40 and cellphone.

August 10th, 1:30PM. Fenimore & Nostrand. Perp attempted a robbery of wallet but failed.

August 11th, 2:30AM. Front of 131 Lincoln Rd. At gunpoint, perp removed chain and other jewelry.

August 13th, midnight. 310 Winthrop St. Male was punched in face and $90 taken from pocket.



Felony Assaults

May 26th, 1:30PM. 525 Flatbush Ave. Victim was hit in the leg with a baseball bat. Unknown whether the victim and perp knew each other.

June 17th, midnight. 1075 Ocean Ave. Good Samaritan tried to break up a fight between male and female and was slashed with a knife.

June 20th, 11PM. Ocean & Flatbush subway. Fight broke out between two females. One punched the other in the face. An arrest was made.

June 24th, 11:30PM. 100 Winthrop St. Male victim was hit with a fire extinguisher. Male 43yrs arrested.

June 25th 11:30PM. Midwood & Bedford. Fender bender occurred between two cars and the offending car drove away. The offended car drove after the offender, bumped his car a few blocks later, then exited his car with a firearm and fired at the other driver. He shot the car. No one was hurt.

June 26th, 2PM. 44 Empire Avenue. There was a verbal dispute between three people. Male victim was hit with unidentified object causing laceration to the face. Male and female were arrested at the location.

July 5th, 8PM. 680 Flatbush Ave. Verbal dispute between male and female. Female was hit with broken glass and was cut on the finger.

July 14th, 9PM. Hawthorne & Bedford. Male was walking down the street, noticed pain in his hand and realized he had been shot.

July 18th 3:30PM. 569 Flatbush Ave, shoe repair shop. Victim states that defendant came into store to pick up her shoes. Defendant didn't like the job done on her shoes. Defendant then struck victim on the upper arm with shoe, causing bruising.


May 25th 4:30PM. 1191 Nostrand Ave. Victim noticed electronics missing from apartment, no sign of forced entry.

June 4th, 3PM. 135 Maple St. Skate board taken through front door.

June 4th, 4PM. 75 Hawthorne St. Perp came in through front door and stole bicycle and scooter.

June 8th, 7AM. 122 Fenimore. Perp stole electronics and Black & Decker (unspecified). Entry point unknown.

June 10, midnight. 1283 Nostrand Ave. Came in through open window on fire escape. Stole $1000 and electronics.

June 10th, 2PM. 159 Maple St. Front window broken. Attempted to remove property but failed.

June 26th, 6:30PM. 305 Clarkson Ave. Perp came in through fire escape window and stole electronics.

June 27th, 5PM. Corner Empire & New York. Burglar came in through fire escape. Male 17 yrs old arrested.

July 9th, 1:00AM. 285 Hawthorne St. Perp opened rear window, stole credit cards and electronics.

July 15th, 6PM. 320 Sterling St. Attempted to come in through fire escape.

August 9th, 4PM. In front of 651 Flatbush Ave. Broke into a commercial truck, stole electronics.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)

May 18th, 6:30PM. Flatbush & Beekman. Cell phone snatch, female victim.

May 18th, 4:30PM. Winthrop & Nostrand.
 Victim fell asleep on train and perp picked his pocket of $10 and credit card.

May 19th, 12:30AM. 165 Winthrop St. Cell phone snatch.

May 27th 8PM. Midwood & Bedford. Purse snatched, $800 cash.

May 29th, 11AM. 970 Hawthorne St. Credit card fraud.

May 30th, 9PM. Flatbush & Ocean in subway. Pickpocket took debit and credit cards from person's pocket.

June 2nd 7PM. Parkside & Ocean on the bus. Pickpocket took credit card and $100 cash.

June 2, 11:30AM. 1283 Nostrand Ave. Credit card fraud.

June 2, 8PM. 78 Hawthorne St. Cell phone stolen from male.

June 5th, noon. 292 Lefferts Ave. Bank fraud.

June 6th, 8AM. 40 Empire Ave. Credit card fraud. Card was used in numerous locations around the precinct.

June 7th, 9AM. 100 Lefferts Ave. Someone cashed a check on someone's account.

June 8th, 5PM. Sterling & Nostrand. Chain snatch.

June 9th, 1PM. 1222 Nostrand Ave. Cell phone snatch.

June 10th, 4PM. Rogers & Midwood. Chain snatch.

June 11th, 12noon. 218 Hawthorne St. Fraudulent check written for $700.

June 11th, 10:30PM. Nostrand & Winthrop subway. Cell snatch.

June 12th, 6AM. Parkside & Ocean in subway. Cell phone snatched.

June 14th, 11AM. 1250 Nostrand Ave. Cell snatched.

June 15th, 2:30PM. 224 Hawthorne St. Bank fraud.

June 15th, 9AM. 170 Hawthorne St. Bank fraud of about $18,000.

June 17th, 4PM. 1798 Bedford Ave. Credit card fraud.

June 18th, 8PM. 105 Lincoln Rd. Someone withdrew $30,000 from someone's bank account.

June 18th, 10AM. Nostrand Winthrop subway. Purse snatch.

June 18th, 3PM. 355 Lefferts Ave. Debit card fraud.

June 19th, 4:30PM. 371 Hawthorne St. Necklace snatched.

June 20th, 1PM. 290 Empire Ave. Con man pretended to be insurance salesman and stole $2000.

June 20th, 11PM. 419 Lincoln St. Debit card fraud.

June 20th 8:30PM. Flatbush & Hawthorne. Chain snatched.

June 22nd, 4PM. 635 Rogers Ave. Jewelry snatched.

June 23rd, 5PM. 703 Flatbush Ave. Perp took from parked vehicle sunglasses.

June 23rd, noon. Nostrand & Sterling. Cell snatch.

June 23rd. 12:30AM. 59 Hawthorne St. Three unauthorized transactions on credit card.

June 25th, noon. 270 Empire Blvd. Bank and debit fraud.

June 26th, 1PM. 305 Clarkson Ave. Credit card fraud.

June 28th, 9:30PM. 285 Clarkson Ave. Cell snatch.

June 29th, 5PM. 308 Lincoln Rd. Credit card fraud.

June 30th, noon. 347 Midwood St. Identify theft/ bank account/bank fraud.

July 1st. Nostrand & Sterling. Person fell asleep on train and woke up with purse unzippered and $200 cash missing.

July 1st, 4AM. Lincoln & Bedford. Pickpocketed a wallet, cash and debit card.

July 2nd 6:30PM. 9 Parkside Avenue. Unauthorized credit card transactions.

July 5th, 9AM. 115 Ocean Ave. Credit card fraud.

July 10, noon. 295 Parkside Ave. Unauthorized credit card charge.

July 11, 9AM. 590 Flatbush Avenue. Bank fraud - someone opened a cell phone account under someone else's name.

July 13th, 1PM. 355 Lefferts Ave. Victim noticed electronics and cell phone missing from bedroom.

July 13th, 8PM. Ocean & Parkside subway. Cell phone snatch.

July 14th, 5:15PM. Ocean & Parkside subway. Cell phone snatch.

July 20th, 2AM. 45 Lincoln Rd. Female left purse on table of commercial location and returned to find it missing.

July 21st, 9PM. Midwood & Bedford Ave. Cellphone snatch.

July 27th, 1AM. Parkside & Ocean subway. Cellphone snatch.

July 31st, 8AM. 77 Lefferts Ave. Credit card fraud.

July 31st, 7PM. Nostrand & Hawthorne. Cell snatch.

August 2nd, noon. 145 Lincoln Rd. Credit card fraud.

August 5th, 3AM. 130 Fennimore St. Stole side mirrors of a BMW.

August 11th, 9:35AM. Ocean & Parkside subway, cell snatch.

Grand Larceny Auto

June 26th, 10:30AM. 328 Lincoln Rd. 2005 green Honda.

June 24th, 1AM. Lefferts & New York, 1992 green Land Rover.

June 4th, 6:30PM. 535 Parkside Ave. 2011 black Mercedes Benz.

June 17th, 9PM. 359 Winthrop St. 92 gray Lincoln town car.

June 11th, 6AM. Rogers & Hawthorn. 09 gray Hyundai.

July 16th, 105 Empire Ave. 2010 blue Mazda.

July 23rd, 6AM. 163 Ocean Ave. 2012 gray Dodge. AN ARREST WAS MADE - two perps were found in the car.

August 1st, noon. 36 Nostrand Ave. 98 blue Toyota Camry.

August 10th, 8AM. Bedford & Rutland. 2008 black Toyota.


MB said...

what about sexual assault?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Misdemeanor sex crimes have a listing in Compstat. So I'm told, they're kept private, except when they need help finding the assailant - when a stranger is the perp for instance. Shootings, by the way, are supposed to be under felony assault, though no one files a complaint I don't know that a "crime" gets registered, as in shooting bullets in the air or to scare people. Personally, I'd like to see those tallies, with the when and where, as well.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

However, your point is well-taken. I'll see if they're supposed to be under felony assaults, but kept private as well. I'm assuming you're speaking of serious sex crimes that don't fall under the category of rape. A ghastly business this, tallying trauma and violence.

MB said...

Any info would be helpful!

MB said...

just want to get a sense of how often it (rape/sexual assault) happens in the neighborhood? or at least how often it gets reported. thanks.

Anonymous said...

s"July 14th, 9PM. Hawthorne & Bedford. Male was walking down the street, noticed pain in his hand and realized he had been shot."