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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GO Brooklyn Art: Time To Sign Up To Nominate Artists

From local music teacher Leslie Ward comes a reminder about the project she's shepherding for the PLG. There will be a neighborhood meet-n-greet at Lincoln Park Tavern on Friday 8/31, where voters and artists can get to know each other better and you can find out more about how to give local artists a boost, potentially playing in the big leagues at the Brooklyn Museum.  To learn more about GO Brooklyn Art and see some of work being made, go to PLG Arts for profiles.

The whole thing sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, you sign up and then you get to go on a neighborhood art crawl to people's homes and studios, and decide whom to nominate for the next level of the competition. Sound fun? Then sign up here.

Check out the cool map below showing where the artists are and their names. Until I saw that I didn't really "get it."

From Leslie:
In this phase is all about getting the word out in the Community that it is time to register to Visit Studios on Sept. 8/9.  Over 1,800 artist have registered and will open their Studios on that weekend to the Community to visit and participate in the nomination process.

Basic Rules:  
You must Register at (4 quick steps and you're done). On  Sept. 8/9 You must visit and check-it to at least 5 Studios to be able to Nominate 3 Artists. 
Only registered participants can Nominate Artists.

Leslie and some GO Brooklyn poll workers!

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