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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Greenest Block(s) in Brooklyn

While the Q is away, the rarely checked inbox is awash in the good news that Lincoln between Bedford and Rogers won the coveted Greenest Block in Brooklyn award for 2012. No surprises there, to those of us who've had the pleasure of a saunter under its lovely canopies. And yet I couldn't help but notice and rejoice that, in a borough of thousands of blocks, yet another Flatbush/PLG block placed this year - Sterling 'tween Washington and Bedford. Not too shabby, oh Northeastern Flatbush! I am, however, flabbergasted that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, one of the sponsors of the prize, would label the neighborhood wherein the aforementioned 4th greenest block resides as Crown Heights. Anyone with a pulse and an ounce of horse sense knows that Sterling is below Empire and therefore 101% Flatbushian PLG. For shame! Which begs another the Garden itself in Crown Heights? Or perhaps we should claim it for our own as tat-for-tit? Or is it given special status as a borough-wide institution, like the Park? One would never call Prospect Park a part of any particular neighborhood, though a strong argument could be made that BBG resides in Crown Heights. Anyone care to dispute or refute any of the above? (This is most assuredly "summer" blog posting at its laziest, and I for one approve.)


Anonymous said...

actually, there's a boulder with a plaque on it in the middle of the Botanic Garden, and an inset brass line across the walkway, that marks the original boundary between the City of Brooklyn and the Town of Flatbush, which joined in 1894 before the five boroughs were united in 1898. Of course all that predates the late-60's coinage of PLG as a distinct neighborhood. But still, Flatbush can definitely claim some of the BBG.

Here's a pic from Flatbush Gardener's blog:

Bob Marvin said...

Therefore the Garden is MOSTLY in Crown Heights, although the small portion south of that brass strip is in Flatbush (but, being north of Empire, not, I suppose, PLG).

Anonymous said...

I think the reason they labeled Sterling St as being in Crown Heights was to make it seem fair --- two finalists in PLG would seem biased, so they were trying to spread the love around.

But those of us who live in PLG know the truth.... two finalists from PLG!