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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Brilliant Outreach to Teens - Babysitting Classes

Amy Alberts and Shelley Kramer, who head up the Youth Committee of Community Board 9, have teamed to offer a really cool opportunity for local early-teens - babysitting training. As anyone with little kids knows, rates for a good babysitter are usually considerably higher than what McDonalds is paying (fancy new dining room or not). Babysitting is good, solid work. Interacting with a child's parents, learning important life skills, essentially running your business and managing clients and schedules. It's a big deal for a young girl (or boy!), and many parents desperately seek local support on short notice.

But it's a very serious responsibility, and that's where the FREE training part comes in. Learning about how to keep children occupied and engaged, learning safety and emergency skills, and connecting with local parents - these are all topics covered in the class. And then of course, it's all about hooking up parents and babysitters - and Shelley's PLAY KIDS toy store is a perfect place for that to happen.

If you know someone who might be interested, or if you live in a building with lots of 12-16 year old kids, please print out the below flier and post it and encourage them to consider the classes, scheduled for:

Sunday, January 20, 2-5
Saturday, February 2, 2-5
Sunday, February 24, 2-5

And tell them to drop the form by Play Kids or the community Board office, addresses below.

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