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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Leaders of New "Compass" Charter School

Shelley just commented, and I'm re-posting here:

Tonight at 6:30pm Play Kids (676 Flatbush Ave)will be hosting the founders from The Odyssey Initiative/Compass Charter School. They'll explaining their project, take your questions, concerns, etc. All are welcome to attend. {For the record, Play Kids has no affiliation with Compass Charter School. We are purely giving them a space open to the public.}

Also, if tonight's no good for you, Maple Street School is holding another meeting by the same folks tomorrow night the 23rd at 7pm. Sounds like these Odyssey folks are really making the rounds to drum up support. Come armed with questions. Who knows, maybe Homer will make an appearance, or his communications manager the Cyclops!

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