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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crime Time

Local crime reporting duo Vinnie & Nicole are back on the case. The Q can't thank them enough for together compiling and disseminating a blotter worthy of the Daily News, but pinpointed to the PLG area of the 71st. Below, the compendium of anti-socialism for the latter part of December (once known as the 10th month (thus d-e-c), due to the fact that Julian Roman calendar started in March) and some of January, so we're talking about deviant behavior essentially encompassing the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the star sign who's bearers are often known for patience and perseverance, perhaps good traits to emulate for those pining for a proper sit down bistro in the neighborhood. Only just this moment did I fondly recall the lesson where we learned that July was named for Julius Caesar, and August for Augustus Caesar, and I always assume January was for Juno, but it was for Janus the god of doorways or transitions. It was also the name of that foreign movie distribution company Janus Films - when you see that logo before a movie you know you're in for a head-scratchin' good time. Oh Ingmar, Ingmar, why the long face? Or rather, Max, Max von Sydow, why the long face? How'd I get here? Oh yes, le blotter:

December 19, 2012 - January 21, 2013


December 29th, 12:30AM. Nostrand and Sterling. Physical force taking wallet.
December 31st, 3PM. Lefferts and Bedford Avenues. At gunpoint took cash and cell phone.
January 12, 1:00AM. 251 Ocean Ave. Physical removed cell phone from victim.
January 14th, 10:30PM. 317 Lefferts. Wallet taken at gunpoint.
January 14th, 6PM. 380 Hawthorne Street. Physical force used to take wallet.
January 14th, 9PM. Clarkson and Nostrand Avenues. Cell snatched using physical force.
January 16th, midnight. 1278 Nostrand Ave. Commercial store, cash taken at gunpoint.
January 20th, 9:30PM. 156 Rutland Rd. Chinese food delivery was robbed of cash using physical force.


Felony Assaults

January 2nd, 4:30PM. 492 Flatbush Ave. Victim was assaulted with lacerations to the right cheek. Perp arrested.

January 4th, 4:30PM. 265 Hawthorne Street. Stabbing. Person suffered puncture wounds to the chest, stable condition in the hospital. Arrest was made.


December 19th, 9AM. 90 Maple Street, private house. Force front door open and took electronics.

December 30th, 6:30PM. 18 Winthrop Ave. Came in through window and took $100 cash and electronics.
January 11th, 7PM. 2100 Westbury. Perp came in from side window, took $500 in cash.
January 11th, 4PM. 2016 Bedford Ave. Rear door of apartment pried open. Unknown what was taken.
January 12th, 1PM. 100 Winthrop Street. Perp entered through front door and took electronics.
January 16th, 3AM. 155 Clarkson Ave. Private house. Victim fell asleep and perp entered through front door that had been left open and took credit cards and checks from victim's purse.

Grand Larceny
(No physical force between victim and perp)

December 19th, 4PM. 177 Fennimore Street. Victim hired movers to move her things, noticed that electronics were missing as she was packing.

December 31st, 8:30AM. Parkside and Ocean transit station. Cell phone snatch.
January 12th , 8PM. 720 New York Avenue. Cell phone snatch.
January 13th, 3PM. Bedford and Fennimore Street. Electronics taken from car.
January 15th, 9PM. 590 Flatbush in parking garage. Perp took property from vehicle that was left open.
January 15th, 3:45PM. Cell phone snatch.
January 16th, 10PM. Flatbush and Winthrop. Took electronics from vehicle that was left open.
January 16th, 9PM. 246 Fennimore Street. Took food from delivery person without paying.

January 19th, 2AM. Winthrop and Nostrand Avenues. Cell phone snatch.

Grand Larceny Auto

December 16th, 1PM. 370 Hawthorne Street. 1995 brown Audi A6 stolen.
December 31st, 4:30AM. 65 Ocean Ave. 1995 gray Toyota Corolla stolen. Arrest was made.

January 11, 6AM. 256 Midwood Street. 1997 green Toyota RAV4 stolen.
January 18th, 320 Maple Street. 2000 gray Accura stolen.
January 20th, 7AM. 99 Ocean Ave. 2002 black Cadillac Escalade stolen.


There was a rape reported in the Ocean and Lincoln subway station at 3AM,
January 6th. The victim reports that she had been drinking in a bar in Manhattan
and decided to go to the home of the suspect that she had met in the bar. When
the two left the subway station, they entered an unknown building. At this time
the victim decided against going home with the suspect and the suspect raped the
victim. Victim was severely intoxicated.*

*Bloggers note. Is the fact that she was intoxicated really related to the fact that she was raped? I mean, if I were severely intoxicated and someone stole my cell phone, would that fact end up in the blotter? Just asking.


Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction to the precinct reporting the fact the rape victim was severely intoxicated. So what? She still said no and she was still raped. Raped in a public place the guy was so determined and bold - clearly he didn't fear getting seen by a beat cop. Our beat cops can't arrive soon enough. This woman's attacker lives here in the neighborhood. Maybe the NYPD reports she's severely intoxicated because it makes the public feel more safe but I myself don't feel safe from this miscreant among us. Hope they catch him.

Bob Marvin said...

Perhaps reporting that the rape victim was "severely intoxicated" was intended to caution people to not drink to the extent that they make themselves vulnerable to crime. Of course if that's the intent it should be reported whenever it applies to the victim of ANY crime, so Mr. Q's reaction, and that of anonymous 9:57 AM, is probably justified.

Anonymous said...

But as Q points out being severely intoxicated can be the very thing that leads to being mugged, too. I think it was really inappropriate to be included in the report.

Bob Treuber said...

For three weeks i have been picking up mail stolen out of the mailbox on the corner of Rogers and Maple. The envelopes are torn open, some are ripped into pieces and they are scattered on the sidewalk and gutter.I have contacted the USPS inspectors and returned the damaged letters to them. Please warn people DO NOT MAIL LETTERS IN THAT MAILBOX.