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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Don't Say You Weren't Warned

A civic-minded neighbor has posted a sign on Parkside that needs to be read by all the fine ladies of Lefferts. Warning: language not appropriate for minors or the prudish. I suggest you enlarge the photo with your favorite software in order to peruse the prose:

Picture by Jason Wishnow

I was having a hard time distinguishingg the Lothario in question, but then I took the picture to my Man Cave and ran it through some fancy equipment much too technical in nature to describe to a layperson. What I found shocked me. Here's the extreme close-up, digitally re-rendered:

For recent readers of the Q, you'll recognize him as Frank the Espresso Guy Who You Accidentally Slept With Last Night. His full presentation below:

You've been forewarned. However if the above picture and xeroxed flier description appeal rather than repel, email me here for Frank's number. He's at Blink Fitness right now doing squats, but he'll run right over if you're quote "in the mood for some java juice" endquote.

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