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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New "low-rise" Bar to Open On Flatbush at Midwood - Completely Contextual

A little chicken just peep-peeped in my ear and it'll spell good news to neighborhood quaffers. A nifty new bar is planned for the corner of Midwood and Flatbush, just the sort of place to provide a watch and tie sidekick to the more lovable ragamuffin indie feel of Lincoln Park Tavern and the sophisticated island sipper of Rhythm Splash (soon Avenue D). The owners have signed a lease and will start renovating soon. The main dude is known to the Q, and I think the neighborhood will be pleasantly surprised by decor, booze and foodstuffs. Keep you posted.

FYI, it's the place that never opened as Cafe Pomidor, and used to be Phoenix Gift Shop.


Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that this is awesome. Any more details? Lets hope, as a nod to the locale's historic signage, they have special cocktails called "Human Hair Toys".

Anonymous said...


Sean said...

this is seriously the exact thing i needed to hear tonight

Alex said...

So excited!

diak said...

The first comment in this thread? The funniest comment on this blog in memory... Thanks. (But sign your name! Take credit!)

Any other ideas for locally inspired drinks? Anyone?
How about a "Phat Albert-o" ? (Cut-rate booze served in a plastic shoe.)
A "41 Bus"? (Order it, then wait for 20 minutes.)
A "Flaming Dollar Van-tini"? (Only for those with no regard for health and safety.)

diak said...

... and the "41 Bus" happy hour special: order it, wait 20 minutes, and then three rounds arrive at once.

The Snob said...

Wanted to share this for a while. A drink, named in honor of my Senegalese neighbor's pronunciation of our discount chain.

The Fatale Bert (you have to say it in French)

It's a French 75 garnished with one of the Q's new Flatbush road signs.

Anonymous said...

"The Mathieu Eugene": Haitian rum + local coke.