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Monday, December 23, 2013

Rogers Community Coffee House - 20% Funded And Climbing

Many of you have already answered neighbors Richard and Annalisa's call for cash flow support on their upcoming neighborhood brew and hang spot  Brooklyn Clean Bean. If you haven't, give the vid a spin and remember, you're only offering a pledge and you won't be charged if they don't reach the $20K goal. And if the DO reach the goal and you ARE charged, you get bragging rights for as long as they're in business. "Ever been to Clean Bean? Yep. I helped finance that joint." Here's the Kickstarter page to give a pledge.


rose said...

I've done my part, I hope others will. Let's support them neighbors!

Unknown said...

I may be a bit thick here, but where is the donation link?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Good point Cody. I've added the link to the actual kickstarter page.

Anonymous said...

To the Rogers coffee house owners: if you don't reach your stated Kickstarter goal please contact everyone and ask if they'll donate anyway because we certainly would write you a check for what we pledged. Good luck.