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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Miracle In Slow Motion - Spring Comes To Flatbush Trees!


 Ishmael, Tis Moby! 
Tie Him Up Tight
 To the Starboard Side!
We Eat Tonight!

Many of you were kind enough to donate to the Spring Comes to the Flatbush Trees project. Artist David Eppley has been working with area middle-schoolers all winter, preparing for the big blooming of the green sheet metal trees at the intersection of Flatbush/Ocean/Empire this May & June. Some didn't believe me, and still don't, that the Q will finally sink his harpoon into his great white whale, and haul Moby and his carcass back to port at Mill Basin, where we'll feast on blubber and fresh roasted vegan meat. DJ meat. Always tasty, always knows when to drop a massive four-on-the-floor just when you think your electrolytes turned electroheavy. Wait, where am I?

Oh yeah. David Eppley is a superstar. (He's the taller, older guy in photo one.) And here's more pictures of his Flatbush Tree Simulator and some of his young protege's. The class is going great, and the Q for one can't wait for the unveiling, as the pieces are placed one by one till they cover the trees in psychedelic visual revelry.

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