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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rong Ge Says No To Venti Non-fat, No Foam, No Water 6 Pump Extra Hot Chai Latte and $13,000 A Month.

from the always captivating RHS

Rachel Holliday Smith reports in DNAInfo that landlady Rong Ge said no to a ton of cash offered by Starbucks to take over Enduro, I mean Lincoln Park Tavern. Here's the skinny:

What do you think? Was Rong right to turn down the offer?


Anonymous said...

Yes,. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

We should applaud her efforts at getting a restaurant. Refried beans should be part of a food dish and not a demented coffee choice.

Anonymous said...

I like the guys from Tip of the Tongue. I'd fear that if a big, old Starbucks were to open next door, they'd be run out of the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

Seems a little fishy to me, seems like Rong Ge's PR efforts to over-assert herself as small-biz friendly. Disclosing the actual offer amount of $13k is not standard either, something seems off about this. Time will tell!