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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fast and Furious

Thanks again to Rachel at DNA Info for this scoop. The parking lot at 227 Clarkson that I just photographed the other day has been purchased for $1.35 million with more than 11,000 buildable square feet. For condos, apparently.

227 Clarkson near Rogers (pic by Rachel Holliday-Smith0
In the article, Rachel quotes the broker as saying it “affirms [his] belief” that Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is “the next big neighborhood in Brooklyn. As of late, larger scale condo and rental development projects have been popping up throughout Prospect-Lefferts Gardens granting the area a lot of continuous attention from investors and developers.”

I better start baking pies for all my new neighbors moving in over the next couple years.

Also the new bar up on Rogers - Branch Ofc - opens tonight. It's right by the giant church that was torn down to make way for a large new condo building. 225 Rogers. Here's the Brownstoner bit. (What you think I should go over myself? I'm working for chrisakes! This is my lunch break!)


Alex said...

Did you see this listing? Check out the description - pretty awesome.

MikeF said...

From the sound of it, several Brooklynian readers will be there.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Alex: You mean this?

"Needs Work, Full Renovation Needed..Mix Use Building, Storefront, Plus Two Additional 2 Bedroom Apartments. Building Will Not Be Delivered Vacant. Lefferts Gardens Area. Absolutely Do Not!! Enter Building Without An Appointment Tenants Will Call Police!!!"


I also like that they call it a single family somewhere up in the header.

Alex said...

Yep, that's what I mean!

babs said...

The listing is gone from Douglas Elliman's web site, and the listing agent is out on LI. That building is a dump. The tenants threw their garbage out the window into the back yard for years - it was piled several yards deep in trash. I think they finally cleaned that out. And that business on the ground floor never seems to be open. Very strange.