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Friday, February 13, 2015

Crime Stuff

Never fun to write about this. But a woman was shot multiple times in the stomach last night, the apparent victim of a robbery gone super violent. it happened on Maple between Kingston & Albany around 1am. I asked Vinnie whether multiple shots was consistent with a robbery, but apparently they're pretty sure and are putting serious manpower on finding the assailant. Here's the good news...she's in stable condition at Kings County. Wow. That's a narrow escape. Amazing the powers of a young body (she's 18) to sustain a brutal attack. A near miracle I'd say.

And while I'm at it, against some misgivings because of the graininess of the photo, the 70th precinct is looking for a serial burglar down Caledonia way. As a colleague of mine said, though, if you DO know this person then you'll probably be certain. Like, I could tell most people I know from a half-block off, you know? Here's the wanted poster: WAIT! I'LL BE DARNED! As if responding to my concern, the 70th sent out another picture that was clearer! Thx Detective Walker! (below the poster)


Carmen said...

According to the 71st, this suspect was apprehended and has been charged.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the victim is ok. I witnessed a teen girl get her phone snatched on Maple 3 by a young man several weeks ago. Do they deliberately target smaller younger women? The other two purse and phone snatchings I've witnessed in PLG were women victims as well. Delightful. I only mention this to remind women to be aware and watchful.