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Monday, February 23, 2015

Would You Rather Know Your Rights or Know You're Right?

Tomorrow night is yet another installment in "How Not To Run a Community Board," hosted by Dwayne Nicholson. OR, you could attend this informative and timely forum on Tenants Rights, hosted by the very elected leaders (Hamilton, Cumbo, Adams et al) who've completely given up on CB9 to the point that they would schedule a community-wide discussion on the night of Community Board meeting.

What's an MTOPP member to do? Can Alicia Boyd be in two places at once? And if she's really concerned about renters being displaced, where would she spend her time? Hmm?


Carmen said...

I think the timing of this is genius.

babs said...

It's also a meeting of the Parkside Empire Merchants' Association, at Tafari Tribe, with food and, I've heard, cocktails from Erv's. Guess I'll miss the latest installment of the Alicia Boyd Travelling Sh*tshow, at whichever venue she picks.

shelley said...

Babs, I don't have confirmation from Rob if Erv's will be providing libations, 65 Fen is also on the maybe list. We'll see who pulls through...hopefully for the sake of all our cold, weather beaten souls, both will represent.