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Friday, May 6, 2016

45 Lenox Rendering

This Is An Example of the "Better Than the Vacant Lot" School of Architecture
Another day, another new project in Flatbush. YIMBY recently stumbled across a rendering for a six-story apartment building coming to 45 Lenox Road, between Flatbush and Bedford avenues.
The Issac and Stern-designed development will fill a vacant lot between two pre-war apartment buildings, in a rapidly changing but still heavily Caribbean part of central Brooklyn. At the end of the block, the city plans to redevelop the colorful Flatbush Caton Market into an affordable apartment building with a new market and community spaces on the ground floor.


roxv said...

i live across the street from this project and i think it hilarious that they added non-existent healthy trees to the building to the left of it. that building kills every plant placed near it. also, this rendering seems to not factore in the driveway that is part of the adjoining lot....unless of course they struck some sort of deal i wasn't aware of.

Anonymous said...

Tiny useless balconies. Why does every Brooklyn condo have to have those? Can somebody call up one of these architects and ask? Is it because the real estate brokers add it to stated square footage, which isn't supposed to count but they do it anyway?