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Friday, May 6, 2016

Full Buzz For 10% Less!

Come on by for DRINK's grand opening tomorrow, Saturday, and get 10% off purchases. That's 492 Flatbush, 'cross from (the soon to disappear?) Phat Albert's:
The place, to quote the Yiddish, is schwank but friendly. Me, I'm not a drinker, so a place like "Drink" would be like a place called "Gluten" for a Celiac sufferer. Frankly I thought Mad Dog 20/20 got the job done just fine. Mix it with Bud to give it an extra kick. So I'll let the proprietor do the talking. From Co-Owner and local resident Howard Gibbins:
From the outset we wanted to work with as many local people as possible. The store design was done in conjunction with local PLG architect Roberta Woelfling (Rutland 1) and three of our top suppliers are long time residents of PLG - Kurt Eckert of Marathon Selections (Midwood 1), Matt Sarno of Winebow (Rutland 2) and Rennie Alba with Opici (Hawthorne 2).   
DRINK now offers over 370 curated domestic and international wines along with close to 100 artisanal small batch spirits. We really wanted to make the store accessible for all PLG residents and so prices range from $7 to $260 - so something for everyone. Half our wines are under $20. We also now offer FREE SAME DAY DELIVERY in PLG. We are working to finish our outdoor space which will be used for wine tastings and wine education.  
We believe wine and spirits should inspire friendship and fun. Discovering really delicious new wine and spirits should never be intimidating or difficult so we have a very knowledgeable team led by General Manager Paul Arena. Paul has many years of experience including working at Chelsea Wine Vault and Grand Harvest Wines in Manhattan.   
Randy (Rutland 2, formerly an attorney) and I (Maple 2, formerly a tv producer) have both lived in PLG for 16 years so we're very happy to be able to invest in our neighborhood. We really hope it will inspire friends and neighbors to open other new businesses. 
Its our Grand Opening on Saturday May 7th and some of our favorite distributors will be at DRINK pouring from Noon throughout the day and we'll have live music too courtesy of guitarist and vocalist Charlie Jones and a standup bass from 6pm-9pm.
We've got quite a lineup of tastings for everyone and all details are on our website and we're also on Facebook (Drink PLG Wine & Spirits).
Here's the Grand Opening tastings info:
Noon-2pm - Trevor Hagstrom of Indie Wineries pouring two Italian gems from their book. 2pm-4pm - Nicole DiCicco of Skurnik pours a yummy Rhone Valley rose and a Finger Lakes Riesling - 4pm-6pm - Charlie from Welkin Vines will pour some of the Pacific Northwest's finest: What we think is THE top example of what the noble Riesling grape can do out of Washington State, and a plush, elegant Bordeaux-style red blend that offers tremendous value - 6pm-8pm - Matt Sarno from Winebow will be here pouring a killer Malbec from Argentina and a delicious unoaked chardonnay from the M√Ęconnaise.

Howard & Randy. Thx guys, for investing right here at home.. Nice and curvy, y'all. The space, I mean!


John Mark said...

The Gluggenwine.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I needed that laugh this gray depressing morning. On a serious note, especially when they're residents you really want to see every place succeed. Best of luck. I worry we are getting to the point it's hard for so many coffee shops and wine stores to do well in such a small neighborhood. This one at least will have the big new apt bldg to provide customers when it's completed. Note to entrepreneurs: this is the max for businesses centered on beverages. Everyone buy local!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how much business they get from people buying a bottle before going into the park on a picnic. It's great to see all the new places opening up, but with this, Little Mo, and Vine Yard all being new and a few old ones that are still around we are clearly near max that they are just stealing from each other... I will probably use this place now rather than Little Mo just because of proximity. They both have great selections.

Anonymous said...

We ourselves will use Little Mo because it's closer to us and it's not just same-day delivery it's same-hour. I need that! However this place is great when we need wine to hop the train to a friend's house. Or eat at the taqueria on Lincoln who will seemingly never get their liquor license.