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Friday, May 27, 2016

Gotta Say, I Ain't Surprised

Some have tried to deny that MTOPP founder Alicia Boyd is capable of violence, but a piece in the popular Lubavitcher blog CrownHeights.Info begs to differ.

Racist Rabble Rouser Allegedly Assaults City Worker

She's a powder keg that one. Once at a CB9 meeting she came at me with such froth I thought I was going to drown in M-SPIT. Good thing I wasn't carrying a weed wacker at the time - those things make her go berserk, apparently. Though I got to say the haircut I just got looks like I had a run in with said City Employee myself. And I think I came out on the losing end of that battle, just like I've lost every point I've tried to make with CB9 for, oh, the better part of two years. No matter. It's just "nice to be appreciated."

Maybe she was still sore about the outcome of the Nominations for Officers at Tuesday's CB9 general meeting. Chair Demetrius Lawrence finds himself with a challenger just one year into his tenure, in Hector Robertson, a man with whom Demetrius had words after the first process to hire a new District Manager failed to please the Executive Committee. That hiring committee, chaired by Robertson, has since been replaced, and the new team seems confident they'll have solid DM candidates to look at by next month - from resumes which are now many months old. Obviously, Hector was none too pleased to be dismissed. Meanwhile, the District Office has been staffed by volunteers (Board members, notably longtime Adams and Clarence Norman, Jr. pal Carmen Martinez, and others) for more than six months. I mention CM not to disparage her work - she's pretty great at everything she does at the Board - but because her name comes up often as the preferred pick for DM by people like Norman, the disgraced ex-felon Assemblyman who sort of "made" most of the politicians of Central Brooklyn. Interesting sidebar - when Chair Lawrence was calling out the names of elected officials and their reps he gave Norman a shout-out, despite the fact that he supposedly gave up politics years ago after going to jail for corruption. Slip of tongue? Maybe just being friendly. But it's a clear indication that Norman is back, right in the thick of things.

Oh, and the outcome of the Nominations. Turns out that many positions will change hands. Warren Berke was the sole nomination for Treasurer. Francesca Leopold will go up against Fred Baptiste for 1st Vice Chair. Pat Moses is the sole nominee for 2nd Vice Chair, after she was begged to run against moi by Pat Baker, who clearly holds me in the highest esteem, as she seemed desperate to find someone to keep me from the job. And the members-at-large? I forget. Evelyn Williams for sure, and...oh well. At least I'm not Secretary yet, because I didn't bother to take notes. But yeah, at the very last minute I took my name off for 2nd VC and put my name in for Secretary, after no one would take it, because I knew Alicia and frenemy Karen Fleming would throw a fit. And of course, they did. They got me removed as Transportation Chair after all, and created a petition for my ouster from the Board entirely. This is what happens when you disagree with the The Almighty Boyd.

It's a bittersweet feeling of course. I have no great desire to be screamed at for another year, this time in my duties as Secretary, and I certainly hope the new Board member Scott will continue taking notes, because clearly my skills in that department are lacking. Who can enjoy the "show" while taking notes? Not I, said the Q. Not I.

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As I suspected they would, AB's symptoms are getting worse.