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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trapping Speed

Leadfoots (Leadfeet?) beware!

You can find out, and even help other drivers identify, where red light and speed cameras are located throughout the City. Just click here for the map, or to add new cams as you find them or get ticketed. I screenshot (screenshat?) the speed (green) and redlight (red) markers in Central Brooklyn fyi. The City is limited to the total it may place as a result of car-loving Upstate legislators who control these things. But if you, fair neighbor, were to place one of these cameras, where might it be and why?


roxv said...

PARKSIDE AND OCEAN! a red light camera. Speeding camera along the stretch of flatbush between GAP and empire. and all over Rogers. What the hell is that camera doing on that little dead end street by what, tennis ct?

ilya said...

I'd install one on Parkside Ave b/w Ocean and Coney Island. Red light violations, speeding, illegal passing are constant. Especially the crossing of Parkside and Parade, which is popular on weekends. There's families crossing there all the time, but because the intersection is so small, cars feel emboldened to just gun it on a red light. I see it happen all the time.

diak said...

How about dashboard cameras inside dollar vans recording their drivers' constant disregard for traffic laws?

Meanwhile, can't blame the dollar vans for the sociopath I saw a couple of mornings ago on Lefferts Ave between Bedford and the Washington/Flatbush intersection. Doing I'd guess 60mph, passing cars by zigzagging into the lane of oncoming traffic. Terrifying. Can't image such a driver will be dissuaded by the presence of a camera.

Anonymous said...

I would put a Red Light Camera on the corner of Winthrop and Flatbush. Numerous times I have seen cars "roll" through the red light to get through it before cars on Winthrop can turn left. It is almost like they don't realize (or care) there is a read light there.

Paul Galloway said...

I'm gonna go with:


Unknown said...

Every intersection should have the trifecta: red light cameras, failure to yield cameras, and speed cameras. I don't think people even realize failure to yield cameras exist. Those three infractions by drivers cause two thirds of the carnage. It would also be nice to lift the restrictions on the cameras only operating school hours. I see more crazy when I pick up my kids from after school than during drop off.

I don't like cameras as the only solution though. We know many ways to engineer our streets to be inherently safer. We shouldn't let Community Board malfunction kill our neighbors.

Anonymous said...

So after laying down the new road on Flatbush between Empire and Parkside it looks like they have changed it back to 4 lanes again!
Just when there was some semblance of normality with 2 lanes it has gone back to a Mad Max style of mayhem with drivers constantly switching lanes at illegal speeds and running lights.