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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Island To Island Brewing - A Bit Of the Sauce In Your Juice?

Whoa. I hardly know what to make of this. Is "seed to spirit" a thing now? I suppose it is. House of Juice continues to defy expectations with clever marketing and cool programming, from themed events to comedy. It's a great space, and soon enough the back garden will be warm enough for lounging. This event sounds downright outrageous. Oh, 643 Rogers, just below Parkside. Southern portion of PLG? Nah. Right in the center of the universe, from this old man's perspective. I'm also keen on House of Juice's clear motto of clean living, so even if you do partake of the alcoholic side of things, do so in moderation. What a crazy concept! Moderation! Gotta try that some time...

Read all about it. 

Island to Island Brewery is Juicery-Brewery focused on a “Seed to Spirit” experience. From the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago to these New York Islands, the brewery is taking traditional back home Caribbean processes of fermentation and interpreting them with the available produce of New York. “The world began merging in the Caribbean then migrated to New York City for more opportunity to share with the world at large.” Danii Oliver

“Now we are bringing the vibrant culture of color and excotic flavors to society in liquid format both for those who wish to be healthy and sober and for those who enjoy a rich drink that soothes muscles and relaxes the mind.”

In 2014 House of Juice soft launched a silent opening, no noise, no press blast. The local communities House of Juice served remained largely in dark about the brand. Once in a brick mortar location local wondered greatly about what was going on at 642 Rogers Avenue as hey watched the space build and change over time. Now the Juice-Brewmasters are ready to share what they have been brewing up and finally fully open Island to Island Brewery to the public, tourist and wholesaling to local bars and restaurants.

House of Juice is a cold pressed raw juice brand which is the seed and juice portion of the overall experience. 2017 the remaining aspects of the business, the brewing and fermentation of the same New York State produced craft drinks with an adult ABV% rating, are set to grace the menu and taps. During the opening fete ( Trinidadian for party ) guests will have flights of the seed to spirit experience. Much like a beer flight but only one beer on the paddle. Instead the flights will be made of seeds (smoothies), fresh produce (juices), ferments of herbs (kombucha), brews from matured produce (beer & cider) and finally spirits (distilled brooklyn crafted alcohol). Not a get drunk experience, but a culinary journey.

642 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11226
Grand Opening Fete - public
Date: March 25th
Time: 6PM - 12AM

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Virginia B. said...

Thanks for elevating Q! I'm rooting for them!