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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time To Vote For Projects In the District - Til Apr 2

Yep. It's time.

A number of projects are up for City Council funding as part of its now near-universal Participatory Budgeting program. Used to was the Councilperson spent their allotted discretionary funding only on whatever they pleased, which usually means projects that help them stay in office. They still get to spend most of their discretionary that way, but now they free up a million bucks or so for you and me to vote on. In my experience, they sometimes even free up a bit more than advertised in order to show their commitment to the hard work of those who proposed and championed various projects.

Here's the voting platform, online for the first time. This should quadruple voting, easily.

Have at it. T'would be beneath the stature of the Q to attempt to sway your vote. (hee hee, like I didn't have more opinions than Carter had liver pills and Reagan had jellybeans.) Schools, safety, even trees. Have at it.


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping there would be an item for increased trash can access and or pickups along Flatbush :(

Anonymous said...

The trash is not just along Flatbush, but also Rogers Avenue. I've emailed our borough president about the same, and was informed that my email will be forwarded to the proper agency.