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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Councilman Addresses Traffic...on Cortelyou

Now that the frenzied traffic on Flatbush has tamed once and for all, Councilman Eugene has rightly turned his attention to a much more serious problem:

In fairness, things have been pretty chaotic on Coney Island Avenue (as frequently noted in the ever informative and peppy ditmas park corner.) But somehow CIA isn't even noted on the flyer.

Let's get one of these pronto, though frankly I'd prefer to have DOT just do that traffic study already, since they've promised!


Alex said...

That reminds me, I owe Heather Hart another email to find out how the study of Lincoln/Flatbush/Washington is coming along.

On a related note, does anyone know when the revamp of the Parkside/Ocean intersection is happening? Was money allocated to the project?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

The work has been completed at Parkside/Ocean. The DOT is coming back for comments this fall. It is much improved, and if one follows the walk lights, you're much safer than before. However, cars are still gunning it when left turning off Parkside onto northbound Ocean. The intersection is still too big, allowing cars to devise their own strategies for gunning through the intersection. They sneak through an opening and are often not in a good position to see pedestrians.

I've been in touch with the DOT project manager, and will continue to follow up with him on a meeting w/the community. Anyone else have comments on that new traffic pattern?

Alex said...

I thought that there was a grander plan to install pedestrian islands, left/right turn lanes - jazz like that. I could be wrong. You are correct, it's much better than it was before they closed the entrance to the park.

Ceelledee said...

As a driver who frequently makes that left turn onto northbound Ocean, I can attest to the nightmare it is for pedestrians and drivers alike. While shouldn't be excused, cars are oftentimes "gunning" for the turn because of the chaos of the oncoming traffic, especially during peak hours. I think it would simplify and make things much safer for all, if there were a separate left turn signal at that intersection -- just as there is at Ocean and Flatbush and Empire and Washington. (I'm with you Alex on thinking that DOT's improvement plan was to be a bit "grander").

Mary said...

It's not clear from the info we've gotten so far, but I'm hoping this Cortelyou meeting will peripherally end up addressing some of the CIA nonsense, at least for cars turning left onto Cortelyou from CIA.

Glad to get the attention on Cortelyou, but it came out of nowhere. I'd be curious to know what squeaky wheel made it happen, because I'd like to convince them to to start squeaking about CIA.

Things seem better at Parkside/Ocean, but yes, still dicey. Also, the DOT had better come back to revisit it again after the skating rink is done. What's up with the Lincoln Road access by the way?

Susan Lowes said...

Although there is now a marked turning lane from Parkside onto Ocean, when I was crossing the other day most cars were ignoring the turning lane marks in order to shorten the turn by a few feet. This is in additional to continuing to turn after the lights have changed--i.e., the gunning others have mentioned.

Ceelledee said...

There's always been a marked left turn lane from Parkside onto Ocean, Susan. However, in order to avoid the chaotic situation you describe, what's needed are signalized left turn lanes. In the absence of such, we'll continue to see driver attempts at lane shortening and/or gunning as well as an inordinately high level of traffic jams and collisions. Again, that intersection is not just a problem for peds and cyclists. It's scary as hell for drivers too! Especially when you're trying to make a left turn against through traffic, without hitting someone or getting hit yourself, and without getting caught in the middle of a major jam. I, for one, am hoping DOT comes back to appropriately signalize that intersection so that pedestrians, cyclists and drivers all get to cross it safely at "appointed" times.

Susan Lowes said...

I've been away but I thought I saw traffic signals with arrows for the first time. And I do not remember such a big dotted line for turning cars to follow (or, in fact, not follow).