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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Jus In...Jus Fishy Delivers the Goods

The Q ate at Jus Fishy for the first time. You know the joint, up the Flabenue near Maple? 555 to be exact, (yes, the next block down neighbor of the beast). The fish 'n' chips was pretty effin' good, the vibe is Island great, the lady chef is all that, and the sauces are excellent. Despite the fact the fries looked out-of-a-bag, they were seasoned well. Portions were fit for a fatty, and prices are sweet. The steamed fish and all the sides, plus surprises like crab burgers, yeah, this place could satisfy your craving for comfort food. A welcome addition. (my middle name isn't ruthreichl, but I know a swell meal when I consume one. But hey, if you're a Yelper add your thoughts there so the place can build a reputation, be that as it may become).

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