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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Few Sanctions For Reckless Driving

In what I'm sure was a direct response to comments here, a relevant article appeared in the NY Times about the City's anemic response to offensive drivers. In an attempt to blunt finger-pointing comments here, the Q acknowledges that pedestrians and bicyclists are often negligent as well. If we start from that assumption, maybe we can focus on ways to curb reckless driving specifically. As I've noted here, reckless bicycling is being seriously addressed in city parks, so we know it can be done! I've collected at least a half dozen stories of people who've been "pink-ticketed" for riding the wrong way, too fast, or even riding through a crosswalk that "had people in it, though nowhere near my bike," said a workmate.

Would our avenues benefit from a targeted campaign of warnings and tickets for drivers? Perhaps through the Community Board we could request a test-program of a few months of heightened vigilance?


Anonymous said...

How do we go about getting red light cameras for trouble areas on Flatbush Ave in PLG? Maybe Flatbush and Lincoln Rd or Flatbush and Beekman? Is this too naccomplished through the Community Board?

Anonymous said...

I got so upset reading the NY Times piece about drivers so easily getting away with murder in this city. They don't even charge for leaving the scene of the accident? That's insane. There's no excuse or reason for not charging them for hit and run, even if there is not enough to charge them with manslaughter. A survivor or family of a deceased victim needs to sue the city for creating lawless streets by not enforcing traffic laws and having little or no sanctions for reckless driving. There is literally no incentive to drive carefully in this city, for those lacking a moral compass. And that's terrifying. This affects all New Yorkers in all neighborhoods and everybody should be outraged.