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Friday, September 7, 2012

Got Him

According to the Post, which often seems to have the first word from the NYPD, Christopher Johnson, 21, of Bed-Stuy has turned himself in for the horrific slaying of Clarkson Avenue resident Fatima Gordon.

A man suspected of opening fire on a Brooklyn street, killing a 28-year-old mother and wounding three other people, turned himself in to the Brooklyn DA yesterday.

Christopher Johnson, 21, of Bedford-Stuyvesant, was charged with murder and attempted murder in the Aug. 30 shooting in Flatbush.

Law-enforcement sources said that after Johnson turned himself in, he was picked out of a lineup.


Anonymous said...

Do they still do the thing where they put a body up on a spear to serve as a deterrent?

Anonymous said...

Bed-Stuy. They always come from those terrible neighborhoods. What on earth are they doing here in PLG?

Get out, and stay out!

Ceelledee said...

Bed Stuy is no more terrible than PLG, Anon 531. In fact, neither neighborhood is "terrible." But both neighborhoods, like every neighborhood on the planet has some real bad people in it. Apparently this bad person came to PLG that night take care of business with a bad person/bad people in PLG. As we know, the rest of the story is a serious tragedy. RIP Fatima! Just hoping this horrendous incident inspires the good people of both PLG and Bed Stuy (and everywhere, for that matter), to work harder at spreading the love over the hatred.