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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Join Us Tomorrow, Thursday, at 8PM

If you've expressed interest in being part of a fledgling effort to address the issue of violence in our neighborhood, please join your neighbors tomorrow, Thursday 9/13, 8PM, at 40 Clarkson in the basement's community room. We'll try to have a greeter there to show you where we are. CONFIRMED: We're on for 40 Clarkson at 8. Please meet us there.

A more formal plan will likely emerge eventually. Right now there are a lot of people who have expressed a desire to create some sort of multi-block approach that includes some of the ideas expressed by Eric Adams' Take Back Our Community plan, the C.O.P. program, the D.A.'s office, and more coordination with the 70th, 71st and even 67th precincts. Oh heck, I don't actually know what to do exactly. That's why we should meet, and keep meeting. At the very least, known spots of drug-dealing should be shut down by hook or by crook. Or as we say in Caledonian Flatbush, Crooke.

Be safe. - theQ

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Anonymous said...

I am a single parent with a sick child but I want to know what is going on. Can anyone please report on what happens and what the next steps are?