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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Meetings Tomorrow Night, and Ye Olde Crime Blotter

Tomorrow night, two fora are happening that directly address crime, guns and safety. One is a Brooklyn-wide event at Borough Hall. Marty's holding a Summit and Youth Tribute, with speakers and panel discussion on how to deal with, and hopefully end, the kind of random senseless shootings that are all too common in central BK. Members of the family of recently killed Clarkson Ave resident Fatima Gordon will be in attendance, as will many other families affected by the violence. If you're someone interested in best practices and real solutions, this will be a fascinating event, full of emotion to be sure, but also full of hope and healing.

Closer to home local Assemblyman Karim Camara hosts the latest neighborhood forum on safety. These Town Halls are a good place to gauge local concerns and outrage, though I fear they often serve the elected official's agenda more than the community's. Maybe I'm jaded, but talk is cheap. We need a crackdown on KNOWN drug spots and dealers. They need to be made incredibly unwelcome, in my view.

I've been stunned to realize how much the cops know about the worst offenders, and still they let the activity continue unabated. Not enough evidence to put them away for a long time? Put them away for a short time. Again and again, until they're forced to rethink their business model, or at least their business location. And lest you think I'm some lone nutjob, I can honestly say that my voice is one among many - black, white, young, old, longtimer, newcomer - who are tired of feeling helpless around kids who think they own our blocks. The worst part is that we KNOW these guys, they're the sons of genuinely sweet neighbors who are nonetheless giving them cover and a place to stash the booty. I'm not speculating here. The stories are coming in fast and furious from people with firsthand knowledge. But the parents themselves are too scared to act, and few residents feel safe enough to call in what they know. As a longtime neighbor says "these guys don't even have their own apartments! They're fighting over turf that's not even theirs!" Sad but true. And I know "we" failed them, that their prospects are nil. But so, we all must suffer?

At our own block's "forum" the consensus was clear: we must get these guys off our streets so we can live our lives in relative peace. Btw, these kids aren't just on Clarkson or Lenox or Bedford or Maple or Beekman. They're on nearly every street in the district, and I have that from the mouth of Deputy Inspector Lewis. Little turf wars and cottage industries. With most of them, it's petty stuff. But why the tolerance for "petty stuff?" Harass away officers, but please stick to the known trouble-causers. Get to know your district better! I'm sick of it, we're sick of it, we need your help and it's not getting any better on its own. Every day the aunt of the deceased has to pass by two of these crooks, who of course won't look her in the eye, knowing that they were the intended targets, and that their recklessness co-caused her death. In a recent conversation with Miss J, the anger and grief was enough to make anyone want to "go vigilante." I'm serious y'all, some days I wish I had a gun of my own and the nerve to use it. It's that infuriating. I hear some say it's "getting better." My fat ass it is. Rant over and out...

Despite my ambivalence towards talk-fests, I will attest that any chance to get out and see each other and talk turkey on the kind of stuff that shows up in the below crime blotter is worth it. Incidentally the blotter is hand-crafted by the duo known as Fabri/Martinos, from police reports covering just Sector C, or roughly the PLG area of the 71st Precinct. If someone wants to take this same approach with the northern 70th, I think we would get a much better full picture of crime in the area. Any volunteers? I'll put you in touch with Lt. Ferber and Dominick Scotto of the Seven-Oh.

Here goes:

Crime Report
August 16 - September 21, 2012

August 16, 7:30PM. 712 Flatbush Ave. Perp approached male, threatened him and removed unknown property from person's property.

August 17, 3:30AM. 1037 Nostrand Ave. Perp punched victim in the face and attempted to take cell phone but didn't succeed.

August 22nd, midnight. 346 Rutland Rd. Perp attempted to rob female's bag at knife point, female screamed and perp ran.

August 24th, 6:35PM. 653 Flatbush Ave. Cell phone forcibly removed from victim. Victim punched in body.

August 25th, 2:00PM. Flatbush & Parkside. Pushed victim and took cell phone.

August 31, 10PM. 323 Clarkson. Victim was punched in the face and cell phone taken.

August 31, midnight. 292 Midwood Street. Robbery with simulated gun, took cash.

September 9th 3:45PM. 239 Ocean Ave. Perp forcibly removed backpack and stole bike from 16 year old black youth.

September 9th, midnight. 1270 Nostrand Ave. Victim was robbed at gunpoint of $200 cash.

September 10, noon. 620 Flatbush. Attempted robbery at gunpoint in nail salon. Unable to take any money, perp fled the scene.

September 12th, 1:30AM. Nostrand & Sterling. Robbery with simulated gun, took backpack.

September 15th, 6:50PM. Ocean and Flatbush Ave train station. Perp threatened victim with broken bottle. Perp was arrested.

September 17th, 8PM. 356 Winthrop Street. Victim was pushed to ground and backpack stolen.

September 18th, 9:15AM. 469 Flatbush parking lot next to associated. Forcibly went through victims pocket and took cell phone.

None. The tragic drive-by murder on Clarkson occurred on the south side of Clarkson, which is the 70th Precinct.

Felony Assaults
August 16th, 2PM. 605 Flatbush Ave. Perp assaulted a traffic agent and was arrested.

August 17th, 4:40PM. 1200 Nostrand Ave. Attempted assault - shots fired at the front door of the apartment building. Arrest was made.

August 25th, 2AM. 722 Flatbush Ave. Two males were assaulted with bottle.

August 25th, 2:30AM. 722 Flatbush Ave. Employee at Popeye's was punched in relation to a refund of money for food purchase. Victim had a broken jaw.

August 27th, 11:30PM. Nostrand and Hawthorne. Person found lying face up on sidewalk semi-conscious with lacerations to the face. Victim did not cooperate with police to find out what happened.

August 30th, 2AM. Maple & Flatbush. Victim punched with brass knuckles.

September 3th, 8PM. 40 Lincoln Rd. Fight broke out in lobby of apartment building. Another jaw was broken. Arrest was made.

September 18th, 12:15PM. 2022 Bedford Avenue. Dispute broke out and victim was hit with a wooden chair.

August 16th, 12:40AM. 47 Sterling. Perp came in through front door and stole cell phone.

August 17th, 85 Clarkson. Perp came in through unlocked front door. Took electronics.

August 29th, noon. 612 Flatbush. Front door unlocked, perp came in and stole electronics.

August 30, 8PM. 150 Ocean. Came in through rear window, took electronics.

August 30, 10:45PM. 305 Clarkson Ave. Came in through rear window, took purse and check book.

September 4th, 7:45PM. 1288 Nostrand Ave. Took cash and cell phone.

September 4th, 7AM. 8 Rutland Rd. Came in through side window, took electronics and cell phone.

September 10th, 6:50AM. 301 Sterling Street. Came in through front door and took cash. No sign of forced entry.

September 14th, 10AM. 93 Sterling. Came in through window and took electronics.
September 15th, 253 Parkside Ave. Came in through bedroom window. Used house phone to make a call, then hid in the closet for several hours. Woman discovered him and called 911. Police think that the woman caught the perp unawares when she came home. Perp arrested.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)
August 18th, 1:00AM. 103 Empire Blvd. Perp took money and debit card that was left unattended (the location is a club).

August 18th, 2:30AM. 1176 Ocean Ave. Cell phone snatch.

August 23rd, 11PM. Ocean and Parkside. Cell phone snatch.

August 23rd, 10AM. 560 Flatbush Avenue. $1600 missing from bank drop.

August 23th, 12:15PM. 65 Clarkson. Chain snatch.

August 24th, 12:30AM. 344 Midwood Street. Purse snatch.

August 26th, 11AM. 576 Flatbush Avenue. Cell phone snatch.

August 27th, 6PM. New York & Maple. Cell phone snatch.

August 31st, 1:30. Hawthorn and Nostrand. Cell phone snatch.

September 4th, 9AM. 30 Lefferts Ave. Identify theft, $6200 taken from bank account.

September 4th, 4:30. 2111 Beekman. Identify theft. $662 charged on a credit card.

September 6th, 3:30PM. 8 Rutland Rd. Electronics left unattended taken.

September 6th, 2:20PM. 1274 Nostrand Ave. Cell phone snatch.

September 10th, midnight. 799 Bedford Ave. $800 put on bogus T-Mobile account.

September 11, 4PM. New York & Parkside. Chain snatch.

September 12th, 4PM. Bedford and Rutland. Chain snatch.

September 16th, 4AM. 429 Rogers Ave. In a bar location, purse left on table and purse and cash taken.

Grand Larceny Auto
August 18th. 5PM. Lefferts and New York Ave. 96 Black Nissan Altima.

September 10th, 6:30PM. 98 Winthrop St. 97 tan Nissan Maxima.


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Anonymous said...

We noted from day one moving here there are a lot of parents and grandparents letting nonworking grown adult children and grandchildren live in their homes and they don't seem to demand help with chores or upkeep of the house. It's mindblowing when your own family is so different in that way. About the NYPD, their excuses to not bust the drug dealers are absurd. I think we should get a NYT writer on this. It's such a strange situation.