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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


They got the guy who pulled the trigger from the senseless shooting around 3am last Friday am. The victim is clinging to life. Thanks to the many neighbors who called in tips. Detectives had to be careful not to tip off the shooter by picking up his buddies to soon; that's why they didn't rush out to grab that one dude in the vid.  By the way, if there's one thing I've learned in my brief introduction to the inner workings of law enforcement, most the bad guys are very, very well known to the cops. This is not a reason to stop calling. Far from it. One of the guys from the video had been picked up the night of the shooting, and unfortunately released due to lack of whatever, only to go out and drinking and hang out with the dude who shot the guy. The cops need the calls in order to pick up the bad guys within the limits of the law and a silly little document known as the constitution. They need our help in identifying when laws have been broken, when guns have been fired, when people have been robbed and when narcotics are being dealt. And occasionally, they also need help identifying people or as witnesses. So much fear and distress. On all sides.


sarah said...

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear that the neighbors stepped up to the plate and got the job done.

I am thinking daily of the victim and hope he recovers.

Thanks for doing this Q.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and thanks for keeping us informed. I'm glad the community worked to get this guy off the streets and may he be away FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

OUTFRICKINGSTANDING! Kidos to everyone involved in getting this done!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

and thanks oldspeakjournal for your excellent response to crime buster on stop and frisk. I felt weird having his (how could it not be a dude?) up there without a rebuttal, and I haven't the time to write it. I hope it's clear to all that crime buster uses the same highly specific format as a certain "owner."

If "owner"/"crime buster" would be so kind as to identify himself a little clearer as an actual resident of the neighborhood, say with street and cross-street, I would be more inclined to consider his point of view to be that of a neighbor and therefore simply part of the rich tapestry of Q-life. As a general rule to you and to all, feel free to email me offline with any bones to pick. I'm not afraid of a good fight, and always up for to deliver an apology or accept one without reservation.

ElizabethC said...

Thanks for the update. This has really been on my mind.

Kimplicated said...

Thanks for updating on this situation. Please share if you hear of anything we can do to help the victim or his family...

Anonymous said...

No problemo Bro, I gotcha back. I couldn't let that poppycock slide. :-D Definitely a dude, a very misinformed dude. Probably a relative of Our esteemed Commish, Ray Kelly. LOL!

WinFlatBed said...

I have to disagree with Clarkson FlatBed about oldspeak's response, I think he missed the points made by crimebuster.

CB was tongue in cheek when saying criminals are racist. The NYPD targets high crime neighborhoods and since these neighborhoods are largely minority populations the statistics themselves will necessarily reflect a high racial bias. But that doesn't mean the police are targeting racial minorities, the racial breakdown statistic reflects crime statistics overall.

Also to say stop and frisk should be applied equally in the Wall St area is just ignorant. White collar thieves and looters don't carry handguns and engage in violent street crime. An appropriate crime fighting technique there would be to stop and frisk thier accounting books with a team of financial cops led by Elizabeth Warren. Some of the more flagrant crimes would be deterred quickly if some perps were given mandatory sentences for financial crimes. It would have the same salutory effect on Wall St crime as stop and frisk has on violent street crime in Brooklyn.

The crimes of Newtown, Ct and Aurora, CO should be addressed by assault weapons control and restrictions on magazine size not by the apparent equality of stop in frisk applied everywhere in equal frequencies.

An unintended consequence of stop and frisk is that bad guys often stash a weapon nearby rather than have it on their person. The new statistics don't reflect the fact that, though the person may not have a weapon on him at the time of the pat down, he may have ready access to a weapon.

The police have an extremely difficult and personally dangerous job trying to maintain order in our neighborhoods. Policing is not an exact science and the population of policemen is drawn from the general population of human beings and is doomed to reflect many of the flaws of that population. Their may be individuals in the NYPD who violate ethical standards but the NYPD is not a racist organization. It's members seem to be able to maintain their composure even in the face of serious taunting and vitriol.

Anonymous said...

The job is not done.

It's now up to the Kings Co DA's office to seek the death penalty, or prison without parole.
Mr. Price had apparently already pleaded to an illegal gun possession charge in June 2012 and was apparently "awaiting sentencing."
Not sure how/why this guy made bail, or why it would take this long to go to sentencing for someone who had already pleaded guilty.

Kudos to the police, but its the DAs office that does (or doesn't) keep these guys off the streets, or send a message of deterrence to other, would be criminals.

Q would do us a service if it followed up as to prosecution and sentencing of the many who the NYPD does arrest for violent and gun related crime.

Seems like almost all these guys have lots of "priors"
Then why are they still on the streets?
Is the DAs office doing its job?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'm not a death penalty advocate, but your last question is a good one. I'm going to follow up with the D.A.'s office and see if I can get an answer. I'm having Hynes out to talk to our Block Association and that's one question added to the list. Seems like weapons charge guys should not be wandering around and should be moved to the front of the line.

Anonymous said...


I don't think he was tongue in cheek atal. He had an opportunity to say so in response and he didn't so I'm assuming he wasn't joking. The police are targeting racial minorities. Ross Tuttle over at The Nation has done outstanding work on this subject, interviewing cops and victims, collecting audio and video evidence, I suggest you check it out, it pretty eye opening and disgusting. I stand by my assertion that Stop and Frisk is ineffective and counterproductive.

My tongue was firmly in cheek when I suggested Stop and Frisk on Wall Street. That will obviously never happen. But rendering millions of Americans homeless, pensionless and crashing the global finanical system while engaging in fraudulent and illegal behavior is just as violent and infinitely more destructive to society than violent street crime in my opinion. It would be nice if banksters in positions of authority went to jail, but I won't hold my breath. Ms. Warren is one woman. She's up against an massive, extremely well funded, highly integrated system of control over our lawmakers. Their lobbyists write the "laws" they follow. The banksters as Sen. Dick Durbin famously stated "the banks -- hard to believe in a time when we're facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created -- are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place," My point was all crime should be procecuted vigorously. Not just the ones the poor commit.

The crimes of Newtown, Ct and Aurora, CO cannot be avoided with weapons/magazine capacity bans. A bag of guns with 16 round clips is about as deadly as an assault rifle. But if Law enforcement chose to profile and pay attention to the particular types of people who commit those heinous crimes (and there is a very specific easily known profile) as they do in poor neighborhoods with gang and drug crime specific units, they might have better success preventing mass shootings.

Agreed, criminals stash their weapons to avoid being found with one. That however does not give cops the right to stop whoever they deem "suspicious" whenever they feel like it. Laserlike focus on known criminals works. Dragnet like searches of people deemed "suspicious" for doing simple things like adjusting their waistband, wearing a hoodie or backpack, does not.

Yes NYPD has and extremely difficult and dangerous job. No, the department is not racist, I have a cousin and close long time friends who are cops. But Stop and Frisk is. It encourages police to target people of color in poor neighborhood. It must stop.


Simple answer for why known felons are walking the streets and committing more crimes. The jails and courts are overflowing with people that really shouldn't be there, The DA's office is overwhelmed with bullshit cases and not enough resources or lawyers to keep up, hence many real criminals "awaiting sentencing". And there are less cops and associated resources to fight crime, hence the absurd response time to this and countless other crimes. The problem is systemic, not the just DA's office.

Anonymous said...

Is there any more information on these arrests? Is the victim going to pull through? There's been nothing reported in the NYDN. If the Q weren't covering this story nobody would have.

babs said...

Here is the Daily News update of the arrest, including the name of the alleged shooter (remember, innocent until proven guilty...):

It says the victim is on life support - that doesn't sound good. What a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

So all the scary signs on the subways a couple years ago talking all tough saying if you get busted with an illegal gun it's 4 years (or whatever it was) minimum sentence, no exceptions, blah blah, was just that, blah blah, total BS. Because this shooter if he's the shooter was busted in JUNE last year and hadn't been sentenced yet. That is disturbing and it really makes me angry. Between the drug dealers everybody sees year in year out standing on the same corners never getting busted and this kid never getting sentenced of course he didn't think anything would happen to him if he murdered a man just for kicks. Why would he? This neighborhood is perceived as lawless and that is a huge problem and it needs to end. I'm not voting for DA Hynes in his reelection bid. He hasn't earned my support from all I've seen in our neighborhood.