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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stuff The Q Likes To See

From Vinny, One of the Good Ones. If you think you might need some high school labor this summer or beyond, please consider contacting him. This could be a really big opportunity for a local kid.

            On Saturday May 18, 2013 at St Gabriel's located at 331 Hawthorne Street between 1000 AM AND 2PM the 71 Precinct, St Gabriel's and The Rugby Alliance will be hosting a job fair specifically targeting High School students. If anyone has  information or can lobby for companies wanting to set up a job/info table please contact me at 718-735-0527 or email me at We are also hoping for people looking to hire HS kids for internships. If anyone is interested in interns please contact me. We are in the early planning stages of this event. Any help is appreciated. Please forward this email to anyone that may be interested. 
Thank You
Detective Vincent Martinos
71st Precinct - Community Affairs
New York City Police Department 
421 Empire Blvd 
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Phone: (718) 735-0527
Fax: (718) 735-0518 

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