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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gympossible, You Say?

This is some really, really good news for those of you longing to run a long, long time and go absolutely nowhere, get really really hot doing it, pay very little money doing so, have a safe place to stash your stuff during the whole ordeal, be able to lift incredibly heavy things that you would never dream of lifting in real life, roll around on giant rubber balls the size of Smart Cars, and wear tight fitting plastic pants that remind you which gender you are every step that you take.

That's right. A real, honest to goodness, NYC style gym is coming to the neighborhood. And it's owned by the ueber-chic Equinox Fitness company, but priced for central Brooklyn. Blink Fitness has been around a few years and doing quite well apparently. Their first gym was in NoHo, which in my personal view is not an actual neighborhood but I'll forgive those who might think it is since I hear people use it more and more these days. OUR Blink Fitness opening in (probs) mid-June, will be at 843 Flatbush below Linden. It's a big space on the second floor, and will look thusly:

You might ask why I so blatantly gave them free advertising of their $15 a month price (for the 1 location only - I think it's $20 a month for all locations, even the "NoHo" location). Or why I'm giving you this phone number 718-704-1700, or the email or telling you that if you go down there now and join before they open you can pay just $1 membership fee. It's a good questions, I guess. Um. Because they asked?

The Q is not in this for the money. I'm just telling you what's going on. I stopped in and the woman Monet was lovely and the gym sounds like the sort of well run no frills place that a lot of folks have been telling me they'd like to see around here. And if a few of us get fit as a by-product, what's the harm in that?


Anonymous said...

I love NoHo! Let's give it its credibility at least. I mean, they do have one of the finest art supplies stores in the city, yes, Blick's, I'm talking about you!

Martense Res said...

Thrilled, absolutely thrilled, to see decent, new gyms in the neighborhood! Planet fitness has just opened at Church and Flatbush (next to Citibank).