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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phew! Best Local Pharmacy Just Moving Across the Street!

Saw the "Store for Rent" sign and nearly had a heart attack, which would have meant staggering into Lincoln Brown's Lincoln's Neighborhood Pharmacy for some nitroglycerin and a 911 call. Turns out he's merely relocating across the street to the old Glenn's Hardware Store which tragically closed at the top of the year. Don, or Peter, depending on which of his two names you called him, just couldn't make a go of it anymore and closed his dusty but friendly little-bit-of-everything hardware shop without so much as a going-out-of-business sale. I'd been going to that hardware store since moving here in '03 and called him Dan the ENTIRE time until last year when I heard someone call him Peter and asked what gives and someone said you can call him Peter or Don but not Dan and I threw up my hands. The lady laughed and said "it's Jamaica and everyone has two or three names so what's one more?"

So the block in question is still my vote for most chaotic in the 'hood - in a good way (my wife might beg to differ) - Flatbush between Woodruff and Parkside. On the west is kinda of a sort of Hip-Hop row with the two gansta fashion boutiques blaring music, the gloriously delirious Closeout Heaven, the thugs-hang-out-with-the-funny-awning-a-friend-calls-pancakes-in-hell, the world's most insane cell phone store where I learned everything I needed to write my post on the cell phone industry,  Peppa's notorious jerk chicken, the Macy's of Lefferts GEM, the Don Reade as my daughter likes to call it. On the east, the "notary public driver's school dunkin donuts soon to be balloon and party store dunkin donuts soon to be lincoln pharmacy sneaker king jamaica pride envy nails subway etc etc" I mean c'mon folks we ain't in Kansas and thank the good lord.

Here's a pic of Lincoln again. And congrats on negotiating cheaper rent for more space! (give him a try and say good-bye to corporate drugstore chains and long lines):


Juliana Vanslyke said...

Good for him for getting more space for his pharmacy at less rent! For me, these little pharmacies are important in a neighborhood, especially when you really need some over-the-counter meds. You don’t have to go across town or go to the mall to buy from big pharmaceutical stores.

Juliana Vanslyke

Megan Jones said...

It is good to see a small local business doing good and holding up. My mom is a really big supporter of working with a smaller business and helping them stay in business. She has passed that attitude onto me which I am grateful for.